Are Aluminum cups safe to use for drinking?

Aluminum cups seems to be everywhere nowadays with the increased popularity of thermal cups that are being used all around the world, but the truth is that Aluminum cups have been with us for a longer that you can imagine. 8 out of 10 people have used an Aluminum while there were growing up. And while those color aluminum cups that you can see everywhere nowadays are nice to keep your drinks cold or hot whatever is the case, older aluminum cups are starting to appear more and more in the kitchens of every family home.

But there is a main concern for this type of cup. A lot of people think they are not safe and that can bring potential hazards to the user´s health. But is this true? Let´s see what can we learn about the use of aluminum cups in our houses.

Why are Aluminum cups suspicious?

A lor of people were concerned about the use of aluminum cups for very specific reasons. There was a sector that said that the use of Aluminum cups was directly related with higher chances of suffering Alzheimer.

This might sound crazy, so why people tend to say that?

The thing is that some people that died of Alzheimer, had high levels of aluminum on their brain. This of course put aluminum in the eye of the storm as a possible cause in the increase of suffering Alzheimer and Aluminum cups where a collateral victim if this.

Aluminum Cups are safe.

However, aluminum cups are safe. While people still keep speculating about the possible relation that might exist between Alzheimer and Aluminum cups. To this day, no studies have been made that can prove this. Also, we must remember that the presence of Aluminum on the brain of people that have died of Alzheimer only happened in some patients, it was not a general rule.

As a matter of fact, the Alzheimer Association refers to this affirmation as a big myth.  

So, you can rest assured that Aluminum cups are safe for everybody.

Aluminum cups are not only safe, they also versatile.

So, we can definitely say that aluminum cups are safe to use. And they are not only safe, that can use for almost anything. As we have mentioned before they are a great addition to all kitchens and perfect when you have kids at home since they won’t break if they fall. They are light and won’t break easily (we dare you to try breaking one). They are also gaining popularity as a mainstream item in the form of thermal cups perfect to store drinks and keep the temperature. The Aluminum cup is a really versatile item.

A word on caution for fake Aluminum Cups

A lot of people love to purchase antiquities as they think they can be valuable and have “that something extra” that new things might lack. However, when it comes to aluminum cups, you better get new cups. Old and stored cups can have remains of paint or other stuff that might not be safe in today standards. In the same fashion, make sure that the glass cup you are intending to buy is actual aluminum. There are other materials that sellers with bad intentions try to disguise as aluminum and that can be bad for your health. Certain materials like tin and lead can be dangerous, specially when acid drinks can erode the material and leak. So, make sure to get authentic and new aluminum cups.

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