Archero Farming Guide: How To Farm and Why to Farm?

Arcade action game Archero has a world of various chapters and stages. This game requires controlling an archer on a quest in order to kill all the monsters with different combination of skills and combo in each individual stage to move forward to new stages,  but once you die… the only way left is to start all again! So be careful! This game was developed by Habby. Here is the full guide of Archero farming where all your how and what will be answered.

How to Farm?

How the players should be farming totally depends on their preferences. Many players focuses on farming something simple, easy, and short requiring least of overheard to complete. However there are many players who tries their best to make the most of their energy in order to earn every time it’s possible, no matter how challenging farming becomes for them. The central part of how to farm basically is depends on three factors which includes: How much time players have? How much energy they are left with and what degree players want to pay attention to the game?

Archero Farming Guide

What to Farm ?

In order to increase your character’s strength you must farm gear, scrolls, coins, experience and sapphires if possible. Players should keep this in mind that gear is the most important thing you need to get. Till the time you spend hundreds of dollars on microtransactions you will receive all the coins and scrolls you need to upgrade gear long before you reach the max gear levels, particularly with the Time Reward feature. Well, farming for coins and scrolls is however a short-term plans.

These are few basics tips and tricks that I have listed for you. This definately will be helpful for in terms of farming. For more you should always choose your location wisely. Although all the wave chapters are best for farming but still many of them do have more loot. The game is available on android as well as iOS so do check that out if you haven’t.

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