When we think of going on a desert safari dubai, the most traditional always comes to mind: you are inside a car while you take a tour among wild animals such as tigers, lions, among others. But the truth is that there are other ways.

And today I come to talk about the desert safari in dubai that takes place in the red desert. In this one, you will have different sensations than you could feel in the first one. Here the emotion is found in other activities that, in other words, are less ‘wild’ but that will not leave you indifferent. I’m talking about the one I went to during my trip to the United Arab Emirates.

How You Book Desert Safari Dubai

The desert safari dubai are excursions that you can take online or hire directly there. I recommend that you compare prices because they all include basically the same: dune dashing, camel ride, henna tattoo and free buffet, with shisha included and accompanied by belly dancing. To all this you can add other activities if you pay an additional price, such as a quad ride through the dunes.

Most Recommended Desert Safari Dubai

The desert safari dubai has two modes: in the morning or in the afternoon. I recommend the second because in the morning I imagine it will be very hot to be in the desert. But this already depends on each one and the time in which you do it.

How Desert Safari Dubai Works

The company takes care of picking us up at our hotel with a car that we also share with other people (maximum 7 plus the driver), and takes us directly to the meeting center where hundreds of people will be there for the same reason. At a specific time (in my case around 5:30 p.m.) the dune dashing begins with duration of around 40 minutes.

Later they give us a little time to take pictures in the desert. The sun was setting so the photos came out very nice but, at the same time, against the light. I have to confess that dune dashing scared me a bit, I couldn’t keep my eyes open! Because it made me very dizzy.

Then they take us to the ‘camp’ they have organized. These excursions also include a camel ride before entering. I inform you, but you know that promoting this type of activity is not responsible tourism. So everyone is free to choose…

The day begins to come to an end, but first we will enjoy a tasty Arabic buffet dinner accompanied by belly dancing and other performances. While you are having dinner you can come to do the typical henna* tattoo on your hand. I love them!

The ‘camp’ for me was undoubtedly the best part of the safari since, as they say, the best way to get closer to a culture is through food. But of course it’s not just that. The entire place was decorated in an Arabic style which makes us feel like one of the others. The tables are low and you sit on the floor with cushions. The food was delicious and drinks were included. For more info about desert safari tour contact us on this link.

Finally we wanted to smoke a little shisha but they started saying it was time to go back to the hotel (9:30 p.m.). Although I think they were quite poorly organized and the time spent on each activity poorly calculated, the overall balance is very positive and one of the best experiences of my life. It was unforgettable, I would repeat it without a doubt and I recommend it 100%.


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