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Did you ever visit a Paris-style Week event? Haute Couture, which is the Portuguese top segment of a Fashion show, is something you should know. Haute Couture, one of the most exclusive and sophisticated fashion events is possible. This event only allows for the best-of-the-best fashion designers.

Other countries, such as Brazil, have celebrities who are taking part. The event was a success and people were thrilled to see the results.

Anitta Behind the scenes story

Anitta, one of Brazil’s top models and singers, shared her backstage story about how she was preparing to film a movie that would feature a glamorous world. Anitta explained that she only works with Haute Couture. She added that she would also have to sleep on the backstage bench if she made it through this film shoot.

In Rio Paris, she also organizes many events. Additionally, she has many events in Paris.

Anitta gives more details about the Statement

Anitta, a model, made this statement while she was preparing for a marathon film. She wasn’t getting the leverage she needed and was having many difficulties while filming. Many companies are interested in knowing if she is involved in a film shoot or how she can be a part of a Haute Couture event.

Haute Couture, a world of imagination and fantasy, is where creativity and innovation are at their best. Designers don’t create any clothes, but they make a handcrafted soul for the artists. These clothes are among the most beautiful creations for Paris Fashion Week.

Event Controversy

“Aqui EUSo Trabalho Com Alta Costura” ( Here is where I work for Haute Couture .)said Anitta. She clarified that Haute couture would always be her priority and that she would not participate in the event if sponsors and the designer were concerned.

The event is set to take place in the near future, and models are already practicing for their walk on stage. Mr. Armani is certain that this event will be one the most important in 2022. But they also want Anitta’s statement Alta Costura Com Alta Trabalho Com Alta Costura. It is clear that the event is sponsored by many top brands. Haute Couture originated in France.


Anitta’s Europe trip has been the subject of significant gossip. She is preparing for a film, and faces many comfort issues. Many companies and sponsors worry about whether she will be able to cover the event.

Haute Couture: Have you heard of it? Leave their name in the box. To read more about Anitta’s statement Aqui EU So Trabalho Com Alta Costura you can open this link


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