The Apple pencil is basically a stylus made by Apple, which was initially made and targeted at their iPad pro customers exclusively in order to improve the experience of creating content and/or taking down notes on iPad significantly. A few years later, pencil support was extended to other models in the iPad lineup as well. It is currently considered as one of the best styluses available in the market, on the basis of features, capability, accuracy and several other factors.

Apple Pencil for iPad Pro Review
The Apple Pencil digital stylus for the iPad Pro tablet.

Features, Utility and Design

The Apple Pencil has been given the position of the best Bluetooth Stylus ever made. It is a smooth, white plastic cylinder that is approximately 6.9 inches long and has a matte grey plastic tip that is replaceable.

Just like most other apple devices, pairing the pencil is an extremely smooth and effortless process. There’s a tap to wake function on the body and as soon as the pencil is active, it pairs instantly to the iPad and a tab appears on the screen showing that pairing has been successful. Charging the pencil is also a smooth process. The first generation of the pencil came with a lightning connector towards the back which could be plugged in to the iPad for charging the battery. The current generation however, makes the process a little more convenient. It has the ability to charge inductively through the iPad pro. The pencil sticks to the right side panel of the iPad using magnets and the coils present under the wall of the iPad helps it charge the battery.

Apple Pencil for iPad Pro Review

The current generation Apple Pencil  also has a flat side and a sanded design that makes it comparatively much more comfortable to grip and prevents the pencil from slipping from the hand while being used. This model also supports touch gestures , which have proven to be quite useful to artists and designers for swapping between tools and activating other functions without having to get away from the drawing surface and breaking the flow.

The Second Generation Apple Pencil with the inductive charging feature is compatible with the iPad Pro 12.9 inch and iPad Pro 11 inch. The previous generation pencil with the lighting connector at the back was however compatible with a wider range of devices, starting from the 3rd generation iPad Air.

With Features such as Tilt and Pressure Sensitivity, Palm Rejection, Low Latency and very high precision, the Apple Pencil is a very good investment for someone who likes to draw, sketch, take notes or get creative with graphic designing on their iPad. But if you’re one of those who can make do with a simple stylus without the advanced features, there are much more economical styluses on the market that are compatible with the iPad.

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