Apple Mac Mini With M1 Chip Features! Price & More

Apple has always had a loyal customer base for its exceptional products. Apple has now introduced the Mac mini with M1, which is the most advanced graphics processor ever, even better than Intel cores.

Apple Silicon Mac mini with M1 chip:

Apple introduced the M1 chip in their ‘One more thing’ event in November 2020 where they introduced their first Macs with apple owned new M1 chips.

Apple Mac mini with M1 chip features!

M1 Chip’s core is called Firestorm,general-purpose CPU cores is actually really fast, totally worth the hype and this core beats almost all available fastest cores in the market.

What makes M1 this fast?

So Apple uses memory that is, the M1 chip uses something which is called ‘low latency and high throughput’ that basically means that it is using the same memory for storing chunks of data and copying it between them making it work quickly and thus, making the M1 so fast.

Apple Mac mini with M1 chip features!


  • Now since you know apple’s been changing its ports so to know the difference between Mac mini and Mac mini with M1 chip is easily the ports, you get 2 C-type ports which are compatible with thunderbolt.
  • With this Mac mini you can only have additional two displays at a time, you can only have 1 USB4 port for display at a time.
  • The new Mac mini has great wireless connectivity it comes with Bluetooth 5.0 and Wi-Fi 6.
  • It also comes with a 10 gigabit ethernet
  • Mac mini with its 8-core CPU and 8-core GPU, M1 on Mac mini delivers up to 3x faster CPU performance and up to 6x faster graphics than the previous generation.
  • A negative aspect for some maybe that because of the M1 chip the memory comes with 8 and 16 gigabits but it’s limited to that you can’t have external graphic cards (eGPUs)
  • The design for the Mac mini is same as the previous genetic compact and sleak.


You can buy Mac mini M1 from apple store it comes in two variations:

  • 8GB unified memory : Rs.64900/-
  • 16 GB unified memory: Rs 84900/-

Further the prices vary on the storage you want to get and also for 10 GB ethernet. Overall, the product is amazing finally and update for Apple’s Mac mini.

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