Antarctica Ice Shelf at Risk: Verge of Collapsing Due to Global Warming

About one third parts of the Antarctica ice shelf is at the verge of collapsing due to increasing Global warming. According to a study, increase in global temperatures by four degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels can collapse the Antarctica shelf into the sea.

Research Published in Geophysical Research Letters journal

Recently, a research observed that 34% area of Antarctica ice shelves including 67% ice shelf area on the Antarctic Peninsula might be at risk of crumbling into sea due to present situation of increase in Global Warming. The researchers also pointed out the Larsen C which is the largest standing ice shelf on the peninsula and got split in 2017 in order to form the enormous A68 iceberg is one of the four shelves that too is in danger due to climatic change.

Antarctica Ice Shelf at Risk: Verge of Collapsing Due to Global Warming

According to the analyst limiting temperature rise to two degrees Celsius rather than four degrees Celsius will result in bisect the collapsing risk along with avoiding notable rise in sea level. They also mentioned that accumulations of the melted ice on the top of the ice shelves results in breakage followed by collapsing spectacularly. Although, the research has given the entire perspective of predicting Antarctic ice shelf decline to the scientists.

Latest Study on Antarctica Ice Shelf

The new study having the latest modeling techniques can fill the finer details and provides more exact projection of the situation. According to Ms. Gilbert, ‘The new research has highlights the fact of how important it is to limit global temperature increase as set out in the Paris Agreement if we are to avoid the worst consequences of climate change, including sea level rise.’  Further she added, ‘If the temperatures continue to rise at current rates then we might lose more Antarctic ice shelves in the coming decennary.

Larsen C, Shackleton, Pine Island and Wilkins ice shelves are mostly at risk due to their geographical location and the significant runoff predicted in those areas.

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