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All people have a Savior. God loves all of humanity. Isn’t it? Are you inspired by people who go above and beyond to help others? Brazilhad a person like that.

Anita Datar, who was working on a great project, but unfortunately lost her life in a terrible attack, is remembered by her team and many others. People are looking for Aids to find more information. Let’s see!

What Was The Project Name?

She was a senior director at palladium, and was a major part of Health Policy Plus funded by the U.S. Anita was exceptionally focused on family planning and HIV response.

Anita taught 3000 professionals, and she travelled across 40 countries. All of these people were trained in sexual and gender diversity. She also wrote a lot of data on HIV. She also contributed to the improvement of digital data in Kenya. She contributed skills to USAID and CDC for Anita com Aids.

Anita Datar was a vital member of the USAID/PEPFAR programs, which are key to achieving an AIDS free nation.

Anita Datar’s Story!

Anita Datar was a member The Global Health team and was involved in a project that was inspired by financial reforms in the nation’s healthcare policy. She was 41 years when she visited Mali.

She also said that she was a Peace Corps volunteer before she left home. Two days into her post, she was attacked by shooters who broke into Radisson blu hotel.

Anita com Aids: More Information!

She was there to help her co-workers. Both were able to escape unharmed. Anita Datar and 21 others were among those who died in the attack. She was the first American to be killed in Mali. He was seven years old and was there with his parents at the time of the attack.

Anita Datar, a dynamic personality, was loved by all of her coworkers and families. She wanted to build a community that was safer and more educated.

Note – All pertinent information was taken from the Internet and not from a person. You can also visit to find more information about her.


It is amazing what people do for the community. It is important to allow their legacy to continue even after they are gone, since this is what they had lived for and what inspired them.

Sudden death can be fatal, but it’s worse than letting the work die. Aidsis a great example of such continuously-living work that America has supported up to now. What do YOU know about Anita Datar the dynamic lady? Please leave a comment below.


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