Animagus Harry Potter Game Everything You Need to Know

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery is a role-playing video game which was released in 2018. This video game was developed as well as published by Jam City under license from Portkey Games. However, Jam City updated this game with an amazing bombshell of a new adventure of becoming an Animagus. This new update was made available starting in third year.

Animagus Harry Potter Game

Hogwarts Mystery Animagus Adventure: Overview

This amazing adventure will require you to be full energetic for three days for you to complete this Animagus adventure on time. But there nothing to be stressed about, as the prefect adventure was easily finished by  casual players with limited time and this adventure should be no different. However, this adventure consists of four parts which will end up in gaining you the knowledge of how to become an animal. Let’s have a look on these four parts.

Part 1 of Animagus Adventure

Animagus Harry Potter Game

  • Meet your friends: The first thing you need to do is to travel the Great Hall where Tulip Karasu and Barnaby Lee are having conversation. After the small talk Tulip will mention a reclusive student named Talbot Winger who is fermenting a potion to become an Animagus. Further when you will show your interest Tulip will want to know your reason of wishing to learn this ability.
  • Learn About Talbott: This activity will consume your 1 hour along with requiring 5 stars to complete at 5 energy per star. Here you will have to interact with various students and faculty members to gather more information on Talbott Winger. After completion Talbott will himself approach you with a request.
  • Sneak into Filch’s Office: This will consume your three hours along with 5 hours in order to complete this activity. Here you will have to have a sneak peak into Filch’s office and Talbott will admit he needs the Chrysalis of a particular type of moth for the Animagus potion a secret friend is helping him brew. Well, you will have to find that and steal it as Filch has conveniently just confiscated some from another student.
  • Collect Dew from the Artefact Room: In this task you will have to store Dew in the Artefact Room for seven days because that’s the only place which is untouched by sunlight and human feet. Requirement: 5 Stars and 3 hours. After Talbott gets his spoonful of Dew he will introduce the next objective: Mandrake Leaf from Herbology, the last ingredient for the Animagus potion.
  • Herbology Class: Now, here Talbott will disclose the name of secret friend helping him is none other than Penny Haywood. Unluckily if you don’t receive rewards after reaching each star aside from the 50 gold completion reward then you will require another 3 hour and 5 star requirement activity.

Here ends the first part with 500 rewards.

Part 2 of Animagus Adventure

Animagus Harry Potter Game

  • Meet Penny: Meet Penny, Rowan, Tonks, and Talbott in the library. Hand over the collected ingredients to penny and do a group study on Animagus Potion. After the completion of this task Penny will give you some instructions and make plans to meet during the next full moon.  Requirement: 3 hours and 5 stars. Also there will be a wait for 5 hours before the next step.
  • Meet Penny in the Training Grounds: After the wait penny will be waiting for you in the courtyard. There she will take the mandrake leaf that was in your character’s mouth for the past month and will mix it with the rest of the ingredients. Further she will ask you to meet her in the potions class room. There she will reveal about the potion to be consumed during the next electrical storm. The potion will be placed in potions class until that time. Now, you will have to search for a potion class for hiding the Animagus potion. Requirement: 3 hours and 5 stars.

End of part 2 with a whopping 5 gems reward.

Part 3 of Animagus Adventure

Animagus Harry Potter Game

  • Meet Talbott in the Charms Classroom: Though Talbott is elusive regarding his past but still he wishes to teach you the Animagus Spell before the next storm. Requirement: 8 hours and 5 stars.
  • Meet with McGonagall to discuss the merits of becoming an Animagus: Here, Talbott is revealed to be unregistered Animagus. With this secret Talbott offers to meet in the Courtyard in order to justify himself. Requirement: 3 hours and 5 stars.
  • Meet Talbott in the Courtyard: Here, Talbott will ask you your wish of becoming which type of animal which may effect your Animagus form. After you choose he offers to tell his story if you can defeat him at gobstones. Try to distract Talbott to win at Gobstones. Further when you defeat him he will tell you about his past that his parents were an Animagi and they taught him to become one in order to keep him safe. Also, eagle his Animagus form.

Part 4 of Animagus Adventure

Animagus Harry Potter Game

  • Meet Penny in Potions: Here you will have to quickly conclude with the potion class and take the potion as a massive electrical storm is on it’s way. Luckily this potions class will reward you with each star earned. Requirements: 3 hours and 1 star.
  • Meet Penny in the Courtyard: Move to the courtyard before the storm arrives. Here Penny will discuss about what exactly has to be done. Requirements: 8 hours and 5 stars

Complete all the steps and you will finally achieve your new Animagus form. Also, this will be the final step to select what you wish among Bird, Cat, and Dog.

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