Kelly Dawn Pickler, born in 1986, is an American singer, songwriter, actress and a TV Personality. She became famous through the fifth season of American Idol and ended up with the sixth position. Besides, her amazing voice her tattoos are always praised off having unique designs and particular importance.

We have covered for you all her tattoos and what meaning they correspond to.

Kelly Pickler

Kelly Pickler the American Idol famed actress stepped into the world of recordings in 2006, with 19 recordings and BNA Records . Her debut album Small Town Girl, was a hit with 900,000 copies sold all over the country. The album was back to back into three singles on the Billboard Country hot songs.

Kelly Pickler Tattoo

In 2008, she released her own album with four singles. In 2012, she signed with Black River Entertainment. In 2013, she took part in Dancing with the Stars, with Derek Hough and was declared as the winner of the sixteenth season. She was introduced in the North Carolina Music Hall of Fame. She also hosted the TV Talk show Pickler & Ben for two years.

Kelly Pickler Tattoo

Kelly Pecker Tattoos

Tattoos have been one of the most important things in people’s life. It comes with a lot of memories and craze along with it. While many get tattoos done just for fun the tattoos to many are a symbol of life, dignity and motivation. Kelly Pecker in an interview said how her grandmother would be mortified if she discovered her tattoos. She has been obsessed with tattoos.

Here’s a list of the six tattoos with the meanings they correspond to:

  • Faye : Faye name has been inked on her right foot that is pretty evident whenever she wears heels. The name is of her grandmother who died in 2002. She shared a lovely and close relationship with her granny who was more like a bestfriend to her and this was made in her memory in 2008. Besides that, she also dedicated a song in her respect.

Kelly Pickler Tattoo

  • Forgive : While her right foot has her granny, her left foot has “Forgive” written on it. We are not sure about the reason why she got this but maybe to remind herself to forgive people and spread positivity.

Kelly Pickler Tattoo

  • Pray : On her right hand’s wrist she has “Pray” inked with a shining sun tattooed above ‘a’ to remind her how important it is to thank god for every little thing we get.

Kelly Pickler Tattoo

  • Stars: On her left forearm she has a tattoo of two stars representing the tours she did through the USO as she has a connection with the armed forces.

Kelly Pickler Tattoo

  • Heart : Kelly has a heart tattoo near her left ankle.
  • Roman tattoo : On her left wrist, she has a tattoo in romans written “ii MM X i”

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