All You Should Know Bright Samurai Soul: Shang- Chi Joins The Cast As Izo! Release Date Out, Trailer, Cast, Latest Updates

Bright Samurai Soul: Finally after three years, when the project was announced, this series is taking place. This anime film was just started in June 2021. Now there are talks about the connection of this anime series with Shang- Chi. The official platform of Bright Samurai has announced that this series was under construction and soon will going to release. What’s there in this series and what is the relation of Shand- Chi, let’s move ahead for knowing all updates.Bright Samurai Soul

Updates of Cast and Crews of Bright Samurai Soul and its release date

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In the new trailer, we will be seeing Sima Lu. Along with her, we will see Shang- chi playing the role of Izo in Bright Samurai Soul. We will also see Fred Mancuso, Yuzu Harada, Yuuki Nomura, Daisuke Hirakawa, and Shion Wakayama.Bright Samurai Soul

The release date has been confirmed of Bright Samurai Soul. So, this bright anime film will release on 12th October 2021 Tuesday only on the Netflix official platform. Still, the platform has not been clear where this new Bright Samurai Soul will be streaming in terms of territories.

Trailer and plot of Bright Samurai Soul

The official trailer has already been revealed and is given below:

You will see a strange and beautiful world where there are magical creatures like talking animals, ogres, and elves. We will also see to weary cops, Izo and Raiden, who use to work in the boring sector of their town. Most of the people of the world hate each other but both of them believe that a world should be a peaceful one and should be regardless. There comes a twist in their life one of the nights when they both were sleeping and a little elf came to them for seeking help as was been chased by the demons. Hearing this, they both have decided to help her, this will create a war and some heartfelt moment for them.Bright Samurai Soul

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