So, your educator has asked you to come up with a well-written project that needs to have proper referencing work done, right? Well, being a student, worrying about the correct way of referencing is something way too obvious. After all, don’t we stay confused as to what is going to be the precise way of presenting the referencing and citation in our work? 

What usually happens is that your teachers while teaching via the online teaching apps tend to give a brief outline of the correct way of referencing work. So, you don’t actually get in-depth knowledge about the art of referencing. And, as you probably know, the section of listing down the sources and references is given a great weightage. Of course, you can’t let go of valuable marks, right? 

And, that is the very reason we have come up with this blog post to help you out in dealing with the referencing stuff altogether. So, let’s delve deeper into the discussion, shall we? 

Why Citation & Referencing In Projects & Assignments A Crucial Part?

If you are not clear as to why your educator emphasises the citation and referencing part, have a look at the following points that illustrate the necessity of this task. No matter if you are compiling your class 11 or class 12 notes and writing down an academic report, term paper, project or essay, listing down the references is a step you can’t ignore at all. Here are the reasons behind the compulsory inclusion of referencing in academic projects. 

  • Upholds your integrity to the examiner/teacher and gives greater validation to the points and arguments that you include in your discussion. 
  • Showcases and bifurcates the points that are yours and that have been obtained from specific academic sources. 
  • Aids the educator to visit or go through the original work from where you have taken inspiration, ideas and information. 
  • Makes the point clear that no section of your assignment or work is plagiarized. 
  • Illustrates your research skills to the examiner. 
  • Testifies the fact that you have actually taken pains and due efforts to conduct a rigorous study of that subject/topic. 

Top 5 Referencing Styles Used By Students 

  • APA Style;
  • Chicago Style;
  • Vancouver Style;
  • Harvard Style;
  • MLA Style

How To Understand The Type Of Information That Needs To Be Referenced?

To aid you in having a clear understanding of the type of information that needs to have its due mention of references, we have come up with this bifurcation that is sure to help you to a great extent.

When you make mention of points or arguments having their roots in the ideas contained in the following sources, you must provide an apt list of the references. Check it out!

  • Books;
  • Research papers;
  • Journals;
  • Critical matter;
  • Brochures;
  • Videos or images;
  • Emails;
  • Interview and Documentary clips;
  • Websites;
  • Discussions Forums;

And, other related sources!

There is no need to provide any kind of reference when you are writing the matter out of your knowledge, understanding, creativity, novel conception, or making your own argument. 

Wondering what you are going to do if you have written a certain section both from your knowledge and specific sources such as books or research papers? Well, in that case, just include the source of the chunk that has been written after imitating the info of that very source in the footnote section. 

Cool Tips To Do Your Referencing Correctly 

  • Stay informed about the correct edition and publication version of the book you have used to complete your work. Of course, you won’t want to go wrong here!
  • Double-check your section of references before submission of the work to ensure it is error-free. Proofreading the reference section is important!
  • Follow the referencing style that your institute has asked you to follow. 
  • Pay heed to the author, date of publication, the title of the source, page numbers and URL and date and time of visiting the site, if it is an online source. 


How easy are things appearing now? Better than before, right? Just follow the information we shared with you here, and carry on with your referencing task in that manner. Produce the best work, and secure great marks. All the best!


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