Japanese role playing games or JRPG are traditionally Japanese developed games which consists of a story line. It has combat, magical and fantasy elements, level system and squad customisation.


Japanese role playing games are a genre in their own sense. Some of the gamers consider it as normal role playing games, but most of them consider it as a whole new genre. It has fantasy world, better combat fields and many more things to attract player. Some of the Japanese role playing games for Play station 4 platform are:

1. Kingdom Hearts 3

This game is real time action packed role playing games. It is known for its still confusing plot. It delivers the great experience of action and adventure.

All The Best 8 JRPG PS4 of All Time

2. Code Vein

Code Vein was released in 2019. It was developed by Bandai Namco Entertainment. It has dark aesthetic, anime visuals, story and combat. Anime visuals attracts anime lovers towards this game. It has quite positive responses.

All The Best 8 JRPG PS4 of All Time

3. Fairy Tail

Anime games are very famous. In Japan, most of the youth invested in anime. Fairy Tail is an ambitious game. It’s main focus is adventure rather than just action combats.

All The Best 8 JRPG PS4 of All Time

4. Monster Hunter World

This game attracts players really soon. Deep crafting and well designed and highly entertainer fighting monsters helps in gaining the popularity for this game.

All The Best 8 JRPG PS4 of All Time

5. Nioh 2

Nioh 2 added a character creation system, engaging combats and effective weapons make this game more interesting. Nioh 2 is widely played Japanese role playing game.

All The Best 8 JRPG PS4 of All Time

6. Tales of Berseria

Tales of Berseria is a quote unique game from others. It had totally dark theme. And the story filled the most of the entertaining part of this game. It is deeply action focused and has unique combat system.

All The Best 8 JRPG PS4 of All Time

7. Final Fantasy VII

Final Fantasy VII was the much awaited game, among the players, after its predecessors. It was most probably the biggest release. The remake of this game shows the well built visuals and an updated combat version.

All The Best 8 JRPG PS4 of All Time

8. Persona 5 Royale

This is the latest release of Persona series. The series is popular, both critically and commercially. It amazes people with colourful visuals and it’s intriguing storyline. It has more unique feature to experience while playing.

All The Best 8 JRPG PS4 of All Time

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