The Battle between social media applications for popularity never really ends and Facebook owned Instagram took it to the next level when it introduced new features that were basically clones of what its rival photo and video sharing app Snapchat offers its users.

Details Of Instagram Snapchat Feature Update

Instagram launched its new feature “Stories” that allows users to post photos and videos that disappear after 24 hours. This feature puts it in direct competition with Snapchat but if looked at from a convenience point of view, predictions suggest that Instagram will be a bigger hit and win the battle. Instagram users can now also send disappearing photos and videos to their friends if they do not wish the shared content to appear in the conversation.

What made Snapchat unique and quite popular among the young generation back in the day was the fact that posts were temporary and thus users did not have to worry about perfectly lit and edited pictures that look aesthetically pleasing to the viewers’ eyes. The content posted could be more raw and unfiltered, giving users a sense of intimacy.

All Details Of Instagram Snapchat Feature Latest update

But Snapchat’s thunder got stolen as Instagram now offers its users the best of both worlds; temporary stories and permanent posts. Users can access stories posted by their friends on the upper section of the application, where the profile pictures of accounts with stories will appear with a colourful ring around them. The user can then tap on the profile picture and view the story, forward/ skip it by tapping on the right edge of their phones or go to the previous story by tapping on the left edge. Users can also privately react or reply to stories from the bottom section of the screen.

Stories will adapt to users’ regular privacy settings, which means that if someone has a private account, their Story will only be visible to their followers. Users can also customise their story privacy to hide their stories from specific accounts. A “Close Friends” feature has been introduced along with it which lets users create a list of accounts of their close friends and post content in their stories accessible only to the accounts in the list.

Time to Time updates like these help prevent users from losing interest in the apps. After the Ban of Short video streaming app TikTok, Instagrams introduction of “Reels” which allow users to show their creativity off through short video clips was quite a hit. These have helped Instagram stay a step ahead of it competitors which have gradually started losing its users due to lack of new flashy features and trends.

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