Florida Couple Anita Lesko (60) and Abraham Nielsen(34) exchanged vows on September 26, 2015 during what was heralded as the first. “All Autism Wedding”. The couple had first met when Lesko had joined an autism support group after being diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome.

Details About the Couple

Lesko mentioned that it was love at first sight for both her and her husband and since the time they first hugged, they had known that they were meant for each other.

After their engagement, she and her husband Abraham, who’s also on the spectrum, made a mutual decision to get married in an all autism ceremony at the Love & Autism conference in San Diego, California.

All Autism Wedding: Everything you need to know

The couple shared that they wished to give out a message to the general public that people on the spectrum have needs for love, relationships and marriage as well. “We also want to send the message to parents to children on the spectrum that they can have all of this” Lesko said.

Their goal is to show the parents to children on the spectrum the fact that love is a crucial part of the human experience and that the neurological difference of Autism doesn’t change that in any way. Lesko also mentioned in interviews that she and her husband have a mission in life to change the world’s view on Autism.

About the Wedding

There were approximately 185 guests present at the wedding. Apart from the bride and groom, the entire wedding party, including the best man, groomsmen, flower girls, ring bearers, DJ and the officiant were all on the autism spectrum. The wedding cake that was contributed at the event is also said to have been baked by a 12 year old girl having autism.

The ceremony was filled with love, meaningful connections and a sense of belonging.

The married couple resides in Pensacola, Florida. The bride, Lesko, is an operating room nurse anaesthetist and the groom, Nielsen, is an AutoCAD draftsman for a land surveying company.

“It was the most incredible and enchanted evening of our lives and it’s still sinking in our heads.” the couple said.

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