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In late April, the snow begins to melt at the Himalayan foothills. Hindu pilgrims begin flocking to the four ancient Char Dham tabernacles. These tabernacles are located in Uttarakhand’s Garhwal region. They mark the spiritual source for four holy gutters, the Yamuna at Yamunotri, the Ganges at Gangotri and the Mandakini At Kedarnath. The Char Dham is considered to be a sacred place for Hindus. It is believed that it will wash away all sins and also release you from the cycle between birth and death. You have many options to go on a Char Daham yatra (trip).

The Char Dham is only open from April to May or early May to November. The peak passage time is May and June. Storm season (July through September) can be quite dangerous because of the slippery roads.

How can Char Dham be reached?

It is difficult to organize a Char Dham Yatra. The only tabernacles that are accessible by car (Badrinath, Gangotri) require pilgrims to work hard for the rewards. The journeys to the other two tabernacles (Yamunotri, Kedarnath), are long. Kedarnath is the longest. To visit all the tabernacles, it takes between 10-12 days. It is possible to visit all of the tabernacles by copter in just two days.

A medical scan is now mandatory for pilgrims who are planning to visit the Kedarnath tabernacle. This is done at special scan points that are available en route. All pilgrims who are going on the Char Daham Yatra must also complete biometric enrollment. You can do it online or at the designated enrollment centers in Uttarakhand. Regular rainfall updates will be provided along the route. There will also be telecommunications network content, mobile medical installation, and a control area.

Is the Char Dham located where?

* Badrinath, Gangotri, and Kotdwar are both easily accessible via road from Haridwar and Rishikesh.

* Yamunotri – The journey begins at Janki Chatti (225 km/140 miles) from Rishikesh.

* Kedarnath – The journey begins from Gaurikund, which is 207 km (130 miles) from Rishikesh.

Do you offer any tour packages?

It’s possible to arrange your own Char Dham yatra trip, but it is not difficult. There are many Char Dham packages. There are two options.

* Package tenures are organized by the government-operated Garhwal Mandal Vikas Nigam every month from May through November. You have many options, from only seeing one tabernacle up to all four. The most tenures leave Rishikesh, but others depart from Haridwar and Dehradun depending on the diary. The longest stint is 11 nights, while the shortest is 4 nights. Tenures start at around Rs. 100 per person. Some people have taken part in the lodgment or use of the restrooms.

Rest Hospices offers a variety of packages and has luxury Chardham Camps.

Pilgrim Aviation, a private company offering copter stint packages, is a highly recommended one.

When will Badrinath Temple be open?

Preachers on Basant Panchami decide the opening date in February. Dussehra determines the closing date. The tabernacle is usually open for about 10 days after Diwali. The date of opening for 2021 was set as May 18.

How can Gangotri Temple be reached?

Gangotri can be reached most easily from Rishikesh (12 hour down) or Uttarkashi (6 hours down). You can take a jeep or machine to get there. For those who wish to stay, there are guesthouses and a GMVN Tourism Bungalow.

How can Yamunotri Temple reached?

It takes approximately eight hours to get to the vill Hanuman Chatti. This is about 14 km from the Yamunotri Tabernacle. Six hours to reach Mussoorie. It is necessary to make a participation hack (departures every few twinkles) from there to Janki Chatti. There is your journey! Although it is only 5 km (3 country miles) to reach the Yamunotri Tabernacle via Kharsali it is a steep climb and narrow rise. It takes people around two hours to complete the distance. A local walking stick is a good idea. If you don’t want to walk, mules or men can help you.

Basic guesthouses and GMVN Tourist Bungalows give lodgment at Yamunotri, Janki Chatti, and HanumanChatti.However, you will be suitable to witness the evening aarti ( deification with fire) there, If you stay the night at Yamunotri.

How can the Kedarnath Temple reached?

Rishikesh is the starting point for the route to Kedarnath. It follows the same direction as Badrinath but branches off at Rudraprayag (where there are connections). Gaurikund is 14 km (9 miles) away from Kedarnath. Rishikesh to Gaurikund takes approximately 12 hours. It’s also a difficult uphill climb to reach the tabernacle from Gaurikund. It will take approximately six hours. You will be amazed at the beautiful decor along the Mandakini River. If you are not able to walk, you can take a pony. This will cut down on the travel time by about an hour. You can also hire janitors to carry your luggage.

Alternately, you can also access the Kedarnath tabernacle by copier! Online bookings are possible for services provided by the Uttarakhand government, which departs from vibrant locales. Pawan Hans Copters Ltd, which is owned by the Indian government, and Pilgrim Aviation are other options. It takes only 15 twinkles to make a one-way flight.

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