Agony uncensored patch for PC, true or not? Everything You Need To Know

It was rumored that Agony developers will be releasing an uncensored patch for the game for PC players but how true was the rumor, let’s see.

Agony uncensored patch for PC Overview:

Agony is a 2018 survival game themed as dark fantasy horror. The game is developed by Madmind Studio and published by PlayWay. The storyline of the game is that players play in the first perspective as a tormented soul who stuck is stuck in hell and has no memory of his past and now he must make an escape from this hell facing all the monstrous obstacles in-between.

Censor Issue faced by the game:

The game was controversial ever since it released because of its violent and terrorizing theme and graphics, the authorities didn’t take the game very happily and has issues with the release. When the game was releasing it got an Adult Only rating decreasing the game’s scope.

Thus, scenes were cut in order to attain a more commercial rating, which was successful to an extent and the game got a better, more commercial certificate and access to release. Although the game’s story remained intact even after the removal of the scenes.

Agony uncensored patch for PC, true or not?

Agony planning to release uncensored version:

After a while Agony games planned to release the actual game the uncensored patch for the PC version of the game for two endings of the total seven endings of the game but the developers were unsuccessful in doing so because of the ratingg boards because of two major resons 1. their sales would’ve been stopped 2. legal repercussions. The developers released a statement saying,

“Secondly, due to legal issues, we are not going to be able to release the Adult Only patch. However, that content does not affect the game in any significant way because the deleted material that was supposed to be added in the latest version of the patch is from two endings (out of seven) and some scenes that may be unlocked only after the end of the game. We are going to publish a comparison video on May 30th, 2018 so you will not miss out on anything.”Agony uncensored patch for PC, true or not?

The game still is very terrorising in many aspects you’ll see lots of mutilated bodies, blood everywhere, random body parts and basically a lot disturbing images so make sure you’re up for it, overall the game is also heard to be monotonous with respect to the gameplay with tedious mazes. But the graphics and the background of the game, the whole nightmarish hell concept has really done marvellously.

So, even though the developer didnt succeed in uncencoring the game it can be quite an experience to explore the hell.

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