Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Remaster has been highly anticipated for a while now. The leaked rumours added more to the fuel and left audience going wild with anticipation. Every player out there was hoping for the rumours to be true. However, Activision has now made it clear that no such project is coming up. Modern Warfare 3 Remaster simply does no exist and no such leaks and rumour are to be believed.

Leak Information of Modern Warfare 3 Remaster

The leaked information claimed the ‘definite’ release of the Modern Warfare 3 Remaster in 2021. The statement carried a lot of confidence. The tone was of full belief. They leaker claimed to be reliable and even went on to give details of Modern Warfare 3 Remaster. They claimed that the MW3R will be launched with playstation first and then be made available on other systems.

The leaked information hyped up the players

Activision’s take on the situation

People expected bundling of Modern Warfare 3 campaign Remaster and Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer in 2021 since Activision wont let a year go by without any Call of Duty.

Activision had been letting this rumour get people’s hopes high for almost 3 months now before finally choosing to take a action a few days ago. They falsified the circulating rumours and clarified that no such remaster exists. Though hope for its creation in future is not dead yet.

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