Accident Lac Bouchette What’s happened in Lac Bouchette

Accident La Bouchette was yesterday’s unfortunate incident and is currently being investigated. We have provided more information in the post below.

Are you aware of the Canada accident that occurred yesterday? Would you like to learn more about this incident? The accident claimed the lives of innocents and was fatal. But, it is not clear who was killed and where he is buried.

Accident Lac Bouchette is today’s headline. This post will detail every aspect of the incident.

What’s happened in Lac Bouchette

The fatal accident occurred Saturday evening in Lac Bouchette. The fatal collision occurred at night, and it lasted for around one to two more hours.

According to legend, three snowmobilers tried to cross route 55 simultaneously but were struck by a van. Unfortunately, only one of the three snowmobilers was hit by a van. Paramedics reported that a 50 year-old man was killed at the scene of the Accident Lac Bouchette.

What was the reason for the accident?

People began to gather around after the accident. A spokesperson from Surete du Quebec stated that a patrol officer who specializes in collision arrived on the scene to investigate the accident. According to the spokesperson of Surete du Quebec, there’s no reason to suspect that the van driver was acting illegally. The tragic accident that occurred yesterday claimed the life and health of an innocent man.

A detailed analysis of the Incident Lac Bouchette:

Shortly after 9 :15 p.m., a pick-up truck with a trailer collided head-on in front of a group snowmobilers who were heading down Route 155 near the small community of Lac-Bouchette.

According to initial information, the three snowmobilers driving together wanted the road to be crossed.

They were able to move their way carefully, with the second two moving in a logical manner, but unfortunately, a northerly-bound vehicle caught the third snowmobiler, who was following. Sergeant Marythe Bolduc was the spokesperson of the Surete du Quebec.

Further investigation is required.

Further investigation is underway into the accident Lac Bouchettein, where a snowmobiler was killed. But, it is not known immediately who the deceased was. In addition, the van driver was not seriously injured in the accident. However, Surete du Quebec (SQ) states that there was no crosswalk on the road at the time of the collision.


Here is the latest news about the accident that occurred in Lac Bouchette. The fatal accident claimed the life a snowmobiler. However, the van driver and other snowmobilers remain safe. Accident Lac Bouchette occurred on 3 April at 9:59 p.m. You can learn more regarding this road accident by clicking here.

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