How to Play FFXIV’s Leap of Faith 

With the release of Sylphstep, many players are looking to get back into the Leap of Faith game. How can you access these timed events?

With the introduction of the Slyphstep, players have gained a renewed interest in Leaps of Faith events. Though you can’t earn any FFXIV Gil through these games, you will make tons of MGP, a particular currency you can exchange for various items. If you want to get all the great things in the Gold Saucer, then spamming these Time Events is the way to go.  

What are Leap Of Faith GATES? 

These mini-games are found in the Gold Saucer, which can be accessed on specific schedules. These timed events are accessible to anyone with FFXIV account and do not require expansion. Leap of Faith games requires players to reach goal points by jumping to multiple platforms and acquiring Cactuar trophies. You complete a run by getting the required points or if you run out of time. 

Currently, there are different instances of Leap of Faith. These zones rotate on a fixed schedule, so players who plan on entering specific ones should know the timetable. Here are all the maps for this timed event: 

  • The Fall of Blah’dia 
  • The Falling City of Nym 
  • Sylphstep 

Unlocking the Gold Saucer 

Before players can enter the Gold Saucer and participate in Leap of Faith, they must finish the envoy quests in the MSQ. Depending on your starting region, you will be assigned varying missions. Here are the tasks that you need to complete to unlock the Gold Saucer: 

  • The Gridanian Envoy, The Ul’dahn Envoy, or The Lominsan Envoy 
  • It Could Happen to You (accepted from the Well-heeled Youth in Ul’dah – Steps of Nald) 

The last quest will require players to ride an airship headed toward the Gold Saucer. After reaching the area, you can accept the “World of Wonders” task to explore the zone. 

How to Play Leap of Faith Events? 

These timed events can be accessed by interacting with Sabotender Guia, found in the Gold Saucer. Various nodes scattered throughout the zone will take them directly to the NPC. After speaking to Guia, players will be teleported to the current instance of Leap of Faith. You can only access Gold Saucer mini-games if you have unlocked the zones after the envoy quests. 

It is possible to queue into these games with a party. However, every party member should be present in the Gold Saucer before the group leader interacts with Sabotender Guia. Unfortunately, cross-world party is not available for this content. Participants should note that they can no longer re-enter if they have already entered the GATE for that particular schedule since it is non-repeatable.  

Leap of Faith Schedule 

If you are planning to go to a specific area, then you should know the schedule of when they occur. The rotation happens every 20 minutes. Here is the timetable (in Earth hours) for Leap of Faith: 

  • The Falling City of Nym – at the start of the hour (0:00) 
  • The Fall of Belah’dia – at the 20th minute of the hour (0:20) 
  • Sylphstep – at the 40th minute of the hour (0:40) 


As a Gold Saucer event, the main reward players can get from participating and winning Leap of Faith instances is MGP. This currency is the only thing you can get from joining. If you reach the required goal point, you receive 2,000 MGP. Those who fail to reach the finish condition will only accept 100 MGP.  

Aside from the completion rewards, gamers can also gain additional MGP from the Cactuar trophies they collect. These items can be acquired even when you reach the win condition as long as you don’t leave the instance. Here is how much MGP you get from the three types of Cactuars: 

  • Bronze Cactuar – 100 MGP 
  • Silver Cactuar – 300 MGP 
  • Gilded Cactuar – 500 MGP 

Tips On How to Clear Leap of Faith Fast  

Some tips can help you clear Leap of Faith quickly. Taking advantage of several in-game features can assist you throughout the challenge. Here are some suggestions for doing Leap of Faith games: 

  • Click on your Character – Clicking on yourself before the start will highlight your character. The highlight shows your hitbox. If your hitbox touches the platform, you will not fall. This can be very useful in trying to jump into long gaps. 
  • Always Aim for the Wall – When jumping towards another platform, landing near a wall is always a good idea. Leaping too far might force you to miss the ledges. Barriers such as walls can help stop your jump if you get too far.  
  • Touch the Glowing Circle at the End – If you want to collect more Cactuars for the MGP, you should first ensure that you have finished the course. Touching the blue circle at the end of the game will tag you as finished, allowing you to go back and collect more Cactuars.

Why You Should Consider Doing Leap of Faith Games

Though you won’t earn any FFXIV Gil from Leap of Faith, the MGP you acquire is needed for various redeemable items. These include gear, cosmetics, and mounts. If you are looking for alternative ways to earn items or are sick of the grinding raids, then doing these timed events is an excellent way to take a break.


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