A Hat in Time Gameplay Plot: Developers End

A Hat in Time is an action-adventure game, which is developed by Gears for Breakfast and published by Humble Bundle.  Gears for Breakfast is the developer for A Hat in Time. The developer team consists of Aruki, Cryze, Fore, GurashiCebola, Habboi, Hypo, Jenna, YellowJello, Zoney and ElegantSaria.

A hat in time developer’s end

Gears for Breakfast is an independent game development studio, which started in 2013. A hat in a time is a 3D platform, which stars a girl in a flat. The headquarters of the studio is in Denmark, although the whole team is scattered everywhere in the world. The website for the game is gearsforbreakfast.com.

a hat in time developer.

There are altogether fifteen employees here. The location is Copenhagen, which is Denmark’s capital.

The first idea of hat in time was started by the director, Jonas Kaelev. He has got a post graduate degree in Computer Science .

A Hat in Time: Gameplay

This is an action adventure game which is played from a third person perspective, and is set in an open world. This style of game is similar to Nintendo 64 platformers such as Super Mario 64 and Banjo-Kazooie. The site has got a revenue of $9K.

The game got nominated for the best computer game in Destructoid’s game of the year awards. The best platformer in IGN’s best and many many more awards.

The game has sold 50,000 copies , two weeks after its release.  And after one year, the game had sold over one million copies.

The Hat in Time Plot.

A hat in time is based on the story of a little alien girl. She is wearing a top hat and trying to return to home through a spaceship. While she was travelling, she moves over a planet and somebody comes to collect toll for the Mafia Town government.

The Mafia man forces the space door open, and this causes the magical hourglasses that that powers her ship and all her time pieces and hersef to fall to the planet

Hat Kid falls in a mafia town, and here she meets Mustache girl, Mustache girls hates the bad guys. She agrees to help Hat kid to find out the time pieces in exchange of her help to fight the  mafia.

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