9 Best Designer Boutiques In Chandigarh You Must-visit!

Chandigarh is a shopper paradise for fashion lovers and now renowned as Punjab’s Fashion Capital.

Besides being one of India’s most enchanting cities, Chandigarh has much more to flaunt than the Rose garden. Righty-ho! Chandigarh, the capital of both Punjab and Haryana, is acknowledged as the shopping epicenter of the country. No matter what kind of attire you want to shop and for which occasion, this city, and its immaculate designers will definitely not let you down. 

From classic to western, fashion designers in Chandigarh have a variety of beautifully designed apparel that can win every men’s and women’s heart! The incredible designers allow you to relinquish in a never-ending shopping journey. 

Whether for visitors or locals, shopping from these designers in Chandigarh is no less than a mini retail therapy! Top Designer Stores in Chandigarh never fail to satisfy shopaholic souls; there are several kinds of attires to buy as per different preferences and likings. 

To guide you through the shopping spree in the city, we have compiled a list of the best 9 designer boutiques in Chandigarh. Have your pick!


Rumours Diva, the designer boutique, aims to provide trendy, chic, yet admirable attire. This designer store also provides perfect customized stitching and designs clothes that speak about your personality. Rumours Diva’s tailors ensure that every article is faultlessly stitched with particular awareness to design your dream dress for special occasions. 

This fashion boutique in Chandigarh not merely epitomizes the traditional Punjabi culture but also possesses color-popping indo-western wear if you wish to venture beyond the heavy-embroidered suits. If you desire to visit only one boutique to purchase a variety of clothing, Rumours Diva is your stop!


Sohni designer studio is the shopper heaven that makes you feel like a queen on all your special occasions. This designer’s work is highly inspired by authentic traditional Punjabi attire and has everything from designed suits to unstitched sustainable materials.

Find your next statement attire at Sohni, which delivers cutting-edge style, high-quality fabrics made from natural fibers, and ethically sourced clothes that last a lifetime. So visit them as momentarily as possible, and don’t skip out on the amazing view!


DaminiAnand is an extravagance-style boutique in Chandigarh well-known for its designer outfits. Damini Anand utilizes unique fabrics and designs bold, striking yet subtle attire. This Designer Boutique promises to deliver exceptional quality in rich craft Indian traditional clothes. They also have a massive collection of western and fusion apparel, so visit soon and check out the exhibition of stunning Punjabi outfits and much more.


If you are looking for an addition of the most elegant, royal, and trendy dresses to fill your wardrobe, IZRA Couture can become your ideal destination! IZRA Couture By Sameer is a luxury fashion designer store in Chandigarh that designs garments for children and their moms. The designer, Sameer, is particularly known for their distinctive styling that makes your apparel stand out in the crowd. So, visit and get your dream dresses to make every day special.


Skimming for something a little more sophisticated yet personalized in the realm of men’s groom clothing? Look no further. Motif by Uday Mahajan will take the plunge. 

Motif by Uday Mahajan is a designer Store in Chandigarh prominent for its wonderful collection of groom-wear outfits. This designer store concentrates on customized services and stitching of all types of attire. So, whether you are a groom-to-be or a groom’s mate glancing to pivot heads at the wedding, a visit to Motif by Uday Mahajan is a must!


Stepping into Harkiran Basra resembles the emotion of being the main character in a movie, as it is a brand focusing on custom design. Harkiran Basra’s designed wedding outfits speak for themselves. Harkiran Basra is a graceful and classy couture line. This designer store encloses luxury, modern lehenga preferences, and other lavish, premium apparel from the country’s greatest designer and also permits shipping across the world.


Yava Designs is the most splendid fashion designer in Chandigarh. From the most satisfactory exclusive designs, high-quality fabrics, beautiful colors, and detailed embroidery, Yava Designs is a one-stop shop for all your essentials. So, If you want to shop for the most unique, sophisticated dresses that will make you feel glamorous, make sure you visit this place to buy your dream dress from one of the best stores in Chandigarh.


Make your day special by picking amazing and trendy collections of Adi Thapson! Adi Thapson is the most prominent designer who designs men’s grooming & Couture ensembles. This designer store also provides personalized outfits prepared and stitched as per your defined detailed descriptions. Adi Thapson is perfect for making you look the most promising on special occasions.


Hoonar Couture is one of the best designer boutiques in Chandigarh that stands out in the crowd for its impressive, best-in-class, and elegant design collection. They specialize in designing bridal wear and are renowned for designing clothes that speak louder about your appearance. The stock is updated frequently, so there is no lack of fashion, ensuring that you sway hold over wherever you go!

A Bottom Line

With the above list of best Fashion Designers in Chandigarh, you can smoothly pick the best designer per your requirements and occasions. Chandigarh is certainly the land for the beauty of different attires. And one must not miss out on checking these renowned design statements by outstanding designers. 

So, if you are bored of sporting the same old outfit, the time has come to buy the best apparel From Exceptional Designer Boutiques that will give you a fresh look. Visit the Famaglam website to remain updated!

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