With New Year Just Last week and rising Cases Of corona due to omicron so do you want to stick to home and hang out with the online web series surf no other page because I’m going to provide you with the details and actually top 8 shows to watch out for this week sticking to home so stay tuned with us and let’s go for a ride. Watch a video below to get a bit of an idea of what we might talk about here.

8 New Shows To watch out For This Week (1-4)

1. Lone Star- 4th Jan 2022- In nearly 20 years ago Owen Strand is a lone survivor of his manhattan firehouse on 9/11. Then he was left with the task to rebuild the station and after a similar tragedy was struck about the fire station to his son who takes progressive philosophy of life and firefight to lone star state to start anew. You can watch the series on Disney Hotstar.

8 New Shows To Watch Out For This Week On Amazon Prime, Netflix & Hotstar

2. Abbot Elementary- 5th Jan 2022- A group of teachers are brought to the worst public school in the country because they simply love teaching. You can watch it on Hotstar.

3. This is us-5th Jan 2022-Hotstar-This series show the life journey of triplets and their life and about their wonderful parents so be sure to check it out.

4. Rebelde-Jan 4 2022-Netflix- In an elite way, the school starts the new term and a secret society threatens to crush the hopes of society for first years and the musical hopes will be down or not check out.

8 New Shows To watch out For This Week (5-8)

5. 4 Mate-Jan 5 2022-Netflix- This is an interesting sort of story which shows 4 couples and 2 alternate realities as who will fall in love with whom in this romantic comedy watch out.

8 New Shows To Watch Out For This Week On Amazon Prime, Netflix & Hotstar

6. The Wasteland- Jan 6th 2022-Netflix- It’s about a family who has no place in society as they are far from the real world and are later disturbed by a dangerous creature.

7. Hotel Transilvania Transmania-Jan 14 2022-Amazon Prime- Drac has been stripped of his powers whereas Jonny is loving to be a monster who has to race across the globe before it’s too late to find a cure.

8. As we see It Jan 21-Amazon Prime-AS a bonus I have put this up-This series is something you should wait for couse it will be interesting to know that how 3 roommates with autism spectrum find a way to live together and find a way to live with similar things they come across.

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