Relationships don’t just work themselves out, the people involved make conscious efforts to make it work. If you are in a long-distance relationship and are wondering why your relationship is the way it is, it’s because of your and your partner’s energies. So, you both must stay on the same page regarding making the relationship work. 

It is worth noting that the distance between the two parties isn’t a reason or shouldn’t be why they would be an issue in the relationship. If you both want it to work, it will work just perfectly. 

Here are some ideas you can adapt to keep the flame of your long-distance relationship active. 

Communication is key:

One of the several factors that cause gaps in relationships is lack of communication. A relationship without effective communication is doomed to break. Irrespective of the form of communication you both will be chosen, it is essential that it’s effective. 

Engage in mutual masturbation:

That your partner is miles away from you doesn’t mean you don’t get to enjoy mutual masturbation with them. You can set up video chat rooms online where both of you will have exclusive access anytime. With this, you can even watch porn videos together while you enjoy the masturbation 

Be vocal about your feelings:

Harboring disputes shouldn’t be anywhere near the relationship if you want it to last long. So, irrespective of whatever your partner has done, always find means to communicate your emotions and reach a consensus. Don’t make the mistake of leaving conversations open. 

Sexting should never cease:

The same way you were all over yourselves before the relationship started should be the same way you continue even during the distance apart. So, always embrace dirty talk to make your partner anticipate the next chat session. 

Embrace online sex:

As mentioned earlier, you could have a live link shared between both of you where you get to chat and carry out erotic activities without worrying about being monitored. Online sex with your partner could be accompanied by sex toys with a remote, with you on the other end of the screen. With this, you control how much and when your partner orgasms. 

Don’t forget game night:

Game nights are an essential aspect of the relationship that should be respected irrespective of distance. There are more than enough games you could have set up for yourself and your partner with little or no effort. So, ensure you don’t leave game nights out. It helps in bonding. 

Word of assurance:

This doesn’t have to be your love language before you adopt it. Once you are in a long-distance relationship, you should always remind your partner of your vows and assure them of your unyielding love. Please don’t assume they know these things; ensure you always remind them.


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