No matter what the occasion is or what you want to celebrate, sometimes it can be hard to come up with ideas for something to do. Rather than just having a get together at home or out in the backyard, step out and enjoy your celebration with these cool ideas.

#1 – Cool Off During Summer At a Water Park

One of the great things about Sydney’s Western Suburbs is it’s home to a number of excellent water parks. Having a celebration at a water park during the warmer months is definitely a cool way to mark an occasion.

Water parks also offer some variety, from thrilling water slides to calm and gentle pools to relax in. There’s something to suit everyone. You’ll also be able to purchase food and refreshments inside the park, or possibly be able to take in your own party food.

#2 – How About the Thrill Of Go Karting?

Not only is Western Sydney home to some cool water parks, but there are also a number of really good go kart tracks in the area. Organise to spend some time celebrating while challenging your friends or family to a race.

It will get the adrenalin pumping and make it an occasion you will remember. You can usually get something to eat and drink at the go karting centres as well.

#3 – Enjoy a Meal Out At a Chinese Restaurant

Whether it’s the best Chinese restaurant Sydney has to offer or not, traditional Chinese food is always popular with everyone, even the kids.

One of the great things about Chinese restaurants is that most of them are casual dining establishments, meaning you can all simply chill out in a relaxed atmosphere. Chinese menus are often extensive as well, with loads of different food choices, including a menu for the little ones.

You could search online for the best Chinese restaurant Sydney has in your general area. You really can’t go wrong with celebrating a special occasion at a casual dining Chinese restaurant.

#4 – Venture Out On the Great River Walk

This is something relaxing and scenic you can do and you’ll all get some exercise and fresh air in the process. Best of all, embarking on the Great River Walk is totally free, so it won’t cost you anything.

The walk takes you along the Nepean River in Penrith with a path trekking for some 6.5 kilometres. Along the journey, you’ll be treated to nature’s beauty as you take the bridge to bridge loop through parklands along the river’s edge. You might even spot some geese and ducks along the way, or a lizard or two.

You could pack a picnic lunch to take with you, or take advantage of some eateries on the East Bank, such as delicious fish and chips, steak houses or an Italian restaurant.

#5 – Go Out Drinking In the Parramatta District

While there are many places scattered across Western Sydney where you can enjoy a night out drinking, the Parramatta district is like the nightlife hub out west, with many trendy bars and nightclubs to choose from. You could do your own bar hop on foot if you like.

Getting together with friends and enjoying some drinks and partying is always a fun way to celebrate a special occasion and Parramatta has everything you could ask for, including cafes, restaurants, bowling, cinemas and more.

#6 – Go On a Food Tasting Tour

This is something a little different. It’s kind of like bar hopping, except you’re tasting different food at a variety of venues.

In Sydney’s West, you’ll discover there are quite a number of tour operators who offer food tasting tours. You get to see more of the area while sampling food you may never have tried before. Enjoy Aussie food, Vietnamese, Mediterranean cuisine and much more.

A food tasting tour is a memorable way to celebrate any occasion.

The Wrap

This article has highlighted just six cool ways you can celebrate a special occasion in the vast Western Suburbs. There is so much to see and do out west that there’s never any excuse to not celebrate in style and make the day a memorable one.


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