Pokémon is a video games series which was developed by Game Freak. It was published by Nintendo and The Pokémon Company. It was released in 1996 for the first time, for Japan. The most recent game was released in 2019 on the Nintendo Switch platform, worldwide.

Game Play

In the beginning of the game, player can choose a Pokémon type. It contains catching and training of the fictional characters, Pokémon. It is a competitive game play where people from all over the word battles with eachother’s Pokémon.

6 Best Pokémon

1. Avalugg

It is an ice type Pokémon. It’s weakness sometimes limits it’s effectiveness at the time of battle. But it’s ice moves are strong against flyers. It has an attack of 196 and CP of 3198.

6 Best Pokémon

2. Zygarde

It is a ground type Pokémon with good stats. It has powerful attack like earthquake and outrage. It has a CP of 3410 and high defense which makes it preferable.

6 Best Pokémon

3. Florges

It is a fairy type Pokémon. It resembles flower and has similar moves as grass types. The moves of grass type without the weakness of fire and ice makes it even more stronger.

6 Best Pokémon

4. Xerneas

It has an incredible CP with phenomenal attack. It’s healthy stamina helped the Pokemon to survive.

6 Best Pokémon

5. Yveltal

Yveltal is dark Pokémon which is considered as best Pokémon from all, among gen 6 releases. It’s foul play and sucker punch is its speciality and its effective attacks.

6 Best Pokémon

6. Goodra

Goodra is a dragon type Pokémon with really stable stats. It has a CP of 3505 with higher defence. It has two dragon type quick moves , which ranked him higher than others.

6 Best Pokémon

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