5 Ways Healthy Weight Supports Your Wellness

It’s just a few pounds. Right? Isn’t that what you tell yourself? You plan to lose weight soon, making healthy eating choices a priority. However, the option gets put off a little longer as you navigate the stressful, busy days. The extra weight around your middle isn’t bad. It’s just a number on a scale that you don’t like.

Take control and focus on your body weight. Many people accept this “it’s okay to be overweight” mentality, pushing off their health to another day. The body, though, is impacted by those pounds, and that little bit of undesirable belly fat could affect your general health. Living at a healthy body mass index, BMI, could improve these five areas.

1. Reduction in Inflammation and Pain

Poor eating habits and additional weight add stress to joints and bones. Imagine carrying around a ten-pound bag all day. It’s tiring and demanding. Your body lugs around your stomach day in and day out, putting pressure on your back, legs and stomach. In addition, your systems react to that excess sugar and fat in the tissue system, elevating your swelling. Wouldn’t it be nice to drop that extra heaviness?

For instance, people with Rheumatoid Arthritis and belly fat may suffer more because the tummy is holding back the rest of the body. By losing those additional pounds and reducing the body’s stress and swelling, RA patients may support their general wellness.

2. Affects Your Mood 

A healthy weight often affects how you feel. Not looking your best could impact your general self-esteem. You long to be who you were, do more or have more energy. But it’s hard to do as much when you don’t feel great or move around slower. 

Sticking to a healthy BMI allows you to feel good about your appearance and could permit you to do more. Take the long walks. Wear a bathing suit. Feel confident about who you are on the outside and the inside.

3. Helps the Heart

The Cleveland Clinic reports that being overweight affects the cardiovascular system. Fat buildup in the stomach region can increase C-reactive protein and plaque in the arteries. These conditions stress the heart and the vessels that work with it, causing additional inflammation and blockages. These factors may cause cholesterol and blood pressure issues, putting you at higher risk for stroke and heart attack.

People with a healthy BMI are unlikely to see these health troubles. Cleveland Clinic recommends a BMI between 20 and 25, and the group further notes that dropping just five pounds could improve blood pressure by as much as 5mmHG.

4. Supports Fertility

The Office of Women’s Health notes that a healthy weight remains essential for mom and baby during conception and pregnancy. A normal BMI range increases the chances of getting pregnant. Women out of the BMI range may struggle with ovulation issues such as hormone fluctuations. How does that happen? Fat produces estrogen. The more you have, the more hormone gets produced.

Estrogen in high levels blocks the release of an egg, acting like birth control. Getting to your BMI range helps support the body’s hormone levels, allowing cycles to continue.

5. Stabilizes Sugar Levels

Many people struggle to keep their body’s sugar levels under control. Extra fat can impact insulin production, leading to dips and elevations. These changes can affect how you feel emotionally and physically, altering moods and energy.

Medical professionals recommend losing weight and adopting healthy eating habits to help the organs function well. By dropping those unwanted pounds, the body could see sugars stabilize, monitoring sugar levels. Consume meals focused on the food groups, eat smaller portions, and enjoy something small every few hours to minimize hunger.

Healthy Weight Tips

Focus on maximizing your body’s potential. Supporting your weight is essential as it impacts your day and body’s ability. Minimize sugar and processed foods. Watch your salt intake and heart-healthy foods like lean proteins, fruit, veggies and whole grains. Use an application to track your eating, noting your calorie intake matches your daily needs. Don’t forget to hydrate. Water remains critical to your performance. 

Those extra pounds do matter. They affect how your body works and feels. Strive for a normal BMI range. Take charge, and make changes to your habits today.

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