5 Things You Didn’t Know About Who is JoJo Hailey Daughter?

Who is JoJo Hailey Daughter? The answer to this is Yes, Sakoya Wynter is the daughter of JoJo(joe) Hailey. We will be discussing 5 facts about Sakoya Wynter.

Sakoya Wynter(Who is JoJo Hailey Daughter) is a music artist and a writer. Her father JoJo Hailey is a musician. Sakoya Wynter has dropped various songs on YouTube. She is not on various platforms but on Instagram.

JT Entertainments has helped her to gain a bit of success and fame. Her songs were named ‘THE COLDEST ‘, ‘SELF LOVE’. all these shows her clear devotion towards music.

5 things about Sakoya Wynter:

Who is JoJo Hailey Daughter

  1. Sakoya Wynter Baby Father –

    Sakoya Wynter Baby Father is Brandon Jennings. He is a professional player from America.

  2. Sakoya Wynter Age-
    Her age is yet not cleared but she is 20+.
  3. Her quarantine story- “I have had some self-reflections because i was never a good cook. I am gonna keep it all the way a hundred. So, quarantining stuck in the kitchen and now thinking i am Marcus. But, for sure I am cooking the best ever now. But, I am hating that I can’t meet the artists” She said that she couldn’t wait to get her nails done because she is a Diva.
  4. She did her first show named Growing Up Hip Hop –At her shoe she said she is a mother too. Angela and Sakoya had issues at the GUHH set. She is being hated by fans as she is a private person and lacked energy in this field.
  5. Tattoo- She has a tattoo on her right arm ‘THE COLDEST’.

I hope you all will be clear about Who is JoJo Hailey Daughter.


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