Sling TV is one of the best cord-cutter streaming services in the market. It has some beneficial features about which many of its subscribers are unaware.

The only sad part is that Sling TV is only available in the US due to geo-restrictions, but you can access Sling TV Canada or from anywhere with the help of a reliable streaming VPN.

In this post, we uncover the 5 Sling TV Pro tips to help you get the most from your cord-cutting experience. Still, do not subscribe to a Sling TV or if you are reluctant to subscribe to it. You can try its 7 -days free version by getting its free trial.

What is Sling TV?

In a nutshell, Sling TV is a streaming service that allows users to switch from traditional cable companies to the all-streaming-all-the-time model. This cable TV alternative lets cord-cutters watch live television and sports without subscribing to cable or satellite.

5 Sling TV Pro Tips

Here are the 5 Sling TV pro tips with which you can make the most out of your cord-cutting experience

1.Parental Control

With Sling TV parental control, you can easily select what your kids can watch or what not by locking the content based on its rating. 

To set up parental control, 

  • Go to the menu settings of your sling account.
  • Click Parental control to enable it. 
  • Once you do, it will ask you to create a pin.
  • Use this pin code to access and block content.

2.Heart Your Favorite Shows for Quick access

Watch a show and want to watch it again. With its My TV option, Sling TV allows you to save your favorite shows so you have quick access to them whenever you want.

To add a show as your favorite, you have to press the Heart icon on the show title. Once the show has been selected, you can see your favorite shows at the bottom of the My TV page.

3.Rent Movies from Sling TV

Besides watching movies available on live TV channels, Sling TV also has an incredible feature of getting movies for rent. All you need to do is to select the movie you want to rent and decide the format in which you want to rent it. 

The standard definition format is inexpensive yet a good choice if you prefer to watch on small screens like smartphones or tablets. The high-definition format is for desktop or smart TVs.

After getting a movie on rent, you have to watch it within the given period, which is pretty generous.

While renting a movie on Sling TV, you have to Keep in mind that Renting movies on Sling TV incurs additional costs beyond your monthly subscription charges.

4. Save and Protect Recordings

Sling TV offers subscribers a free DVR to record their favourite shows or other types of content for unlimited time.

The DVR works across multiple different devices. It means you can later watch these recordings on your smartphone or other compatible devices at any time you want.

Want to record anything on Sling TV; Go to the My DVR section and click the recording tab. The section also has the Protect option to protect your recording from removal.

5. Sling TV à la Carte Option

With its à la Carte TV Option, Sling TV offers 12 additional channels. These channels include comedy, kids, and sports. You can add them through the settings on your Sling TV app.

Bonus Tips

Besides these 5 pro tips, here are the 2 bonus tips so you can get maximum benefits from the Sling TV subscription.

Limit Streaming Bandwidth

Sling TV allows you to limit the bandwidth the service uses. If you have limited data or are experiencing buffering on mobile devices, Go to the Sling TV bandwidth settings and set the Mbps limit under Connection option.

In this way, you can stream more without any buffer by using less data.The usual speed requires to stream on Sling TV is

  • 3+ Mbps to stream a lower quality picture on portable devices like phones or tablets.
  • 5+ Mbps for a single stream on desktops and smart TVs devices.
  • 25+ Mbps to take full advantage of the multiple streams offered by Sling Blue or Sling Orange+Blue

Contrary to that, the options available to limit bandwidth include Low (0.8 Mbps), Medium (1.2 Mbps), High (2.8 Mbps), and Best (no limit). 

Watch On-Demand Content

Although Sling TV primarily provides live television service to cord-cutters, it also provides some on-demand content to its subscribers.

To watch on-demand content, follow the below steps

  • Select the channel on which the TV show you wish to watch is aired.
  • Locate the program you want to watch on-demand.
  • Select the season 
  • Select the TV series you want to watch.
  • Hit the watch tab.

Wrapping Up

Sling TV is an excellent cable TV alternative that offers many breathtaking benefits that you cannot get with traditional cable. This article provides you with some pro tips that help you get the most from the cord-cutting experience.


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