The upcoming road trip may make people wonder how to arrange everything. Even experienced drivers can worry about selecting a proper vehicle, planning a route, packing all the baggage, and gathering family or friends together. What can we say about novice drivers, then? But, we are here to help you and dispel popular myths that refer to the policy for young drivers. Keep reading!

Myth 1: You are too young to rent a car.

Perhaps, you heard that from others or even thought so yourself. Everyone knows that the law allows you to rent wheels at 21, and there are limitations on car rental under 25. If I am 19, no company will give me such a service for all the money in the world.

Truth 1: Things do not work exactly like that. 

Yes, there are more rights when you are an adult. But the decision to renters of what age to lend a car is also up to local state regulation. Moreover, each car provider can provide clients with special offers. Thus, California car rentals invite you to use their wheels when you are 18. Do not hesitate to look for options and conditions. There are chances that you will find the car of your dreams.

Myth 2: No one gives you a car if you have little experience.

You can postpone going to car rental services until you get more skills. Then, when you are 100 percent sure that you manage the steering wheel well, you will do that. Do not forget that you should know everything and overcome terrible traffic conditions, road serpentine along the ocean, learn how to behave in a tornado, and where to park in the city center. It seems like you will be ready at 50, yeah?

Truth 2: Young drivers’ policy facilitates driving carefully. 

Therefore, it encourages all drivers to rent a car under 25 to practice and feel free to navigate where needed. In exchange, you will pay an extra daily fee. That is it. Thus, if you acquired the minimum rental age, please give it a shot!

Myth 3: It is expensive

Some say that a rental car under 25 will cost me a fortune. There is a special charge to pay daily, and the car rental service may triple the final price till the end of the journey. It is better to buy a ticket by train or bus instead.

Truth 3: It is not.

Again, that is a mistake. You can find affordable prices. Just do a bit of investigation. You may see all the conditions and requirements on the website or app when checking a car rental for young drivers. Additional underage fees vary from $15 to $42 depending on the company, city, location, type of vehicle, and other factors. You will obtain the calculated final price in the first place without any obligation to pay. You will do that when picked up at the car rental office. No surprises when you will be dropping off the car! Thus, you can view different sources and find the most reasonable one.

Myth 4: You will be allowed to receive an uncomfortable car.

On the premise of the client’s lack of driving skill, car rental gives some Economy class cars, and that is it. They will eat a lot of fuel. There will not be enough space for your baggage. Even if the given automobile is new, It will not match the entire team’s needs. If you travel alone, accept the offer. If you gather friends, better find someone older to come with you.

Truth 4: You will love your wheels

There are limitations for Luxury or Premium vehicles, indeed. However, it is possible to take minivans, SUVs, convertibles, etc. Of course, it depends on the vehicle provider and its location. All the suggested cars are of excellent quality. They all got proper maintenance to be sure of being safe and sound. You will find much more than that if you look for options.

Myth 5: Let more skilled drivers manage it all.

If there is a possibility for a person above 25 years old to go with you, better let him rent a car for you. Your friend or family member will get a broader selection. There will not be any additional payment. You can preorder a vehicle on his behalf, and you together can come and pick up the car. Tell him to bring his documents, like ID, driving license, and a credit card. Thus, you will not handle all the issues alone.

Truth 5: Become an additional driver

That myth is partly true. You may ask another person to become a renter. However, that may be easy if it is a close friend or loved one with whom you will spend your vacation. Even in that case, you should do things right. All the documents and credit cards must be in your friend’s name. Also, taking all the responsibility, your friend has to take and give the car back. In addition to that, you may register yourself as an additional driver. You will receive the right to rule the vehicle and extend the insurance. You will be able to drive by turn and keep work and rest balanced on your trip.

Bottom line 

Do not be afraid of the unknown and new activities. Rental services and agents will be glad to assist you. So preorder a car, bring your document, and pay for everything on the counter. We wish you a fantastic vacation on the roads of the USA!


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