Do you enjoy playing word games online like Wordle or Scramble. These are the things we discussed that can help you crack your next word-game quiz. People from Australia as well as other parts of the world are eager to learn more words.

So, we’ve compiled a list of 5 Words Ending with Ait together with their meanings. Scroll down for this collection of common words, and to add them to your dictionary.

Words with 5 letters that end in Ait

Below you will find all the English words ending with AIT. To make it easier to understand, you’ll find new words as well as their meanings.

  • Await- To be patient, especially for an event. This can also be used to refer to a situation that might occur in the future with someone. This is the only 5 Letter Words That End With Ait which starts with A. This is a word. Its synonyms are
  • wait for
  • You can expect
  • anticipate
  • What should you look for?
  • We hope you find it
  • brait- A rough Diamond

It is a noun

  • FMAIT- A fetus with abnormally small platelets. This happens because the antibodies of the mother have been removed via the placenta.

It is a noun. Its synonyms include,

  • Thrombocytopenia
  • NAIT
  • alloimNAITOAIT
  • feto-maternal
  • neonatal
  • Fetomaternal
  • Krait- It’s a snake of the cobra tribe. These snakes are extremely venomous and come from Asia. Another 5 Word Words Ending with Ait is it. It is a noun. It is also known as fer-de lance, garter snakesnake green snake, diamondback rattlesnake and hognose rattlesnake.

A water snake is a king serpent, indigo, worm, milk snake and serpent.

  • Spait- It’s a Scottish form of spate. Spate is a flood or freshet. An abrupt outburst or emotion, such as anger.

5 letter words ending with Ait

  • Plait is an isolated amount of rope, straw, hair or other material consisting of three or more interlaced lines. It’s also an archaic name for pleats. It is also used to make rope, straw or hair into a braid or other form.

These are some synonyms for plait:

  • Braid
  • Plat
  • Lace
  • Trait- A trait that is genetically defined. It could also be called a distinguishing quality that belongs a person.

Final Verdict

This article is furnished with all the 5 Letter Words Ending with Ait. There are seven words ending with AIT. We have provided their meanings and their synonyms in order to make learning easy and more fun.


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