5 Letter Start Words Aph provides the word list for solving 21st Jul Wordle for word game fans.

Do you regularly use Wordle to search for words beginning with Aph? Puzzle number 397 is your favorite. Many Wordle users in Australia were looking for five-letter words that begin with A, P, or H. This puzzle number 397 was a tough one.

Wordle has six attempts, so players should take each step carefully. 5 Letter Start Words Aph provides a list of words that will enable players to solve the game in less time.

Word List 397 for Solving Wordle 397

Players who attempted to solve the 21st-July puzzle discovered their first, second, or third tile that was turned green. The tiles had A, P, and H letters. Today’s Wordle is so difficult that even after finding the first three letters, players still have difficulty finding the solution. The word list has been provided for players to use in solving the puzzle.

  • Aphids, aping, and apnea are the other options.
  • Apply, apron, aptly, aphis.

5 letter words starting with Aph:

Aph is one of the few five-letter words that starts with a P and H. This makes it easy for gamers to find the solution. Some words, such as aphid and Aphis, appear to be words that start with APH and H. However, these words are not common words in English.

It is possible that players will not be able solve the Wordle if they do not have access to the internet. Below is the definition of the word.

  • Aphid – A small, black-colored insect that feeds on sap from plants.
  • Aphis – Aphis is the 5th Letter Words Beginning With Aph, which is a genus within the Aphididae family and works as a notorious agricultural pest.

Hints & Clues for 21 July Wordle:

These clues and tips can help players crack the game with less effort. Players can use these tips and clues to solve Wordle.

  • Two vowels are included in the word.
  • In the five-letter word, no letter can be repeated.
  • It is a bug that feeds on plant sap.
  • It is not a common term.
  • D is the fifth letter of the word.

5 letter starting words Aph based on the Wordle 397 Difficulty Level:

Even though there are few words that begin with Aph it isn’t easy to solve today’s puzzle. The following points can help you identify its difficulty level.

  • The most common list of words or phrases includes the word at 19, 148.
  • On average, people take 3.9 attempts to solve this puzzle.
  • A is the second-most common letter in the word, and the sixth-most common starting letter.

Final verdict

HTMLle 397 is slightly more difficult than the puzzle, but it does not have a common solution. 5 letter starting words Aph has provided clues, hints and a wordlist for this puzzle. You can use it to solve the puzzle in a few attempts.

Did you attempt today’s Wordle? Let us know what you think about the puzzle and how it went.


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