Digital marketing is a skillset all landlords need in 2022.

To effectively market your properties, you need to reach renters where they are. Increasingly, this means getting online and understanding the basic concepts of digital advertising.

The digital marketing sector was also greatly impacted by remote work. There’s now a higher demand than ever before for fully virtual business.

As a landlord, it’s your job to adapt to the evolving trends in digital marketing to meet your rental prospects. Your first step is to learn about the newest trends in digital marketing and how you might apply them in your rental business. 

Here are five digital marketing trends to watch out for as you advertise your rentals this year.

1. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence solutions are growing in popularity and accessibility. By training computers to process large quantities of data, we can make accurate predictions and conclusions about almost anything.

You may be familiar with chatbots, virtual assistants, automated financial investing, or other examples of AI. These tools use fine-tuned algorithms to crunch data and predict trends.

They can also help you attract and assist renters. For example, a social media management tool can help you pinpoint when renters are most likely to see your posts on Instagram. Likewise, a chatbot on your website can answer renters’ questions much faster than you can.

2. Digital Nomads

Digital nomads refer to people making a living with fully remote digital work. They are part of the global gig economy, wherein workers reject traditionally structured corporate jobs in favor of digital ones on their own terms.

The concept of digital nomad applies to both landlords and tenants. You may even consider yourself a digital nomad if you use property management software to manage your business remotely while you work another job, pursue a hobby, or travel.

It’s likely that many of your tenants are also digital nomads. Due in part to the past few years’ lockdowns, many renters work fully remote positions. Part of rental marketing in 2022 means understanding these renters. Market to them by advertising your high-speed internet, co-working space, nearby nature trails, or other amenities that remote workers might enjoy.

3. Listing Syndication Software

In 2022, renters shop for properties almost exclusively online. To meet renters’ expectations, your listings need to be present and updated on all the top listing sites. If you aren’t already using listing syndication on your property management software, it’s time to start.

Listing syndication software allows you to write one listing and post it to multiple sites like Zillow and simultaneously.

Respond to renters’ digital habits by using listing syndication to expand your reach online.

4. TikTok

TikTok is a new and rapidly growing social media platform. Based on short video content, TikTok has become a fertile environment for brand building, engagement, sponsorship agreements, and influencers in all industries.

In 2022, seriously taking on digital marketing means you can’t ignore TikTok. Start by making an account and exploring some popular real estate influencers. See what’s new for landlords and tenants on the platform and consider posting your own video content to advertise your business and properties or provide tips and information for renters.

5. YouTube & Video Content

YouTube is another platform on the rise in 2022. YouTube is quickly replacing traditional TV and paid streaming services as more users take advantage of its accessible, free content.

The platform also attracts advertisers looking for paid opportunities or creative content generation. 

As a landlord or property manager, your rental business could also experience growth on YouTube. Consider establishing a YouTube channel for your company to create and archive content potential renters would appreciate, like virtual tours. 

Advertise your YouTube channel on your website and other social media profiles. This way, renters who end up on your landing page can navigate to your channel and experience the immersive virtual tours you’ve posted. Keep them brief, informational, and visually engaging.

Adapting to Marketing Trends in 2022

If artificial intelligence, TikTok, or YouTube seem foreign to you, you aren’t alone. Adapting to digital marketing trends in 2022 means exploring and researching a host of new platforms and tools. However, by learning about new trends and observing how other landlords integrate them, you can also succeed at digital marketing and further your rental business’s influence.


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