Hi TikTokers! Do you want to know some exciting things about the community guidelines before TikToking? Here, we have got you covered in detail about TikTok community guidelines. Besides, understand all of these TikTok community guidelines one by one, where it is pretty sure that you won’t face any permanent ban. First, follow the best practice of creating simple TikTok videos to prevent your account from profile ban. Next, don’t post illegally as the TikTok app takes several offenses, and it can even result in a profile ban. So, take a look at the different actions that can result in a permanent ban on TikTok.

Let us start right now!

Something About TikTok

TikTok is the fastest-growing app that enables users to make and share 15-second videos. These TikTok videos have music and choreography with comedy, dance, and TikTok challenges. So, when you post lightheartedly, your TikTok account won’t have its profile ban. Meanwhile, when you post harmful content on TikTok, there may be a chance for a TikTok profile ban. Hence, if you want to grow your TikTok followers, post attractive TikTok videos satisfying the community guidelines. With this, if you’re trying to skyrocket your video visibility, buy tiktok likes where you can reach new followers.

Below are a few TikTok community guidelines that you should consider before the TikTok video creation. 

5 Best TikTok Community Guidelines To Know Before TikToking

1. Don’t Share Content That Threatens Public Safety

Are you using TikTok to post videos for your profile? If yes, try to stop posting TikTok videos that encourage or promote violence on the app. For instance, make sure that your TikTok video shouldn’t be advocating, directing, or motivating TikTok followers to try violent stunts. The TikTok Community Guidelines state the following standards: 

“We do not let people use our platform to encourage or threaten violence or promote dangerous individuals or organizations. When posting TikTok videos to make sure that there is no threat to public safety to promote off-platform violence, we may hold the TikTok account.”

Repetitive posting on TikTok of violence or motivating terrorist attacks content ultimately leads to the profile ban. 

2. Avoid Sharing Sexually Explicit Content 

If you are starting to post TikTok content based on sexual exploitation and nudity, it can lead to a ban on your TikTok profile. Likewise, if your TikTok content focuses on the harmful activities involving minors violating TikTok’s community guidelines, it can result in the closure of your account. 

3. No-No To Self-Harming TikTok Content 

TikTok doesn’t allow its users to post content that magnifies or promotes any form of self-harm. For instance, TikTok content doesn’t allow users to post something about suicides, self-injury, or eating disorders. Indeed, if you post something on these topics, your profile will be closed from the platform. At the same time, posting TikTok content by taking part in risky activities in a non-professional context is against TikTok’s community guidelines. 

Pro Tip: Don’t post TikTok videos with non-professional stunts and other games that may lead to injury where you can get a TikTok profile ban.

Did you know? TikTok has more than 800 million active users with a higher number of downloads. So, it is the right time to improve your TikTok profile popularity among your followers. But, first, try to post engaging TikTok content, and start to use TikViral where you can get plenty of video engagement. 

4. Don’t Share Violent Or Graphic Content 

Do you love to watch horror movie videos? If yes, TikTok prohibits the posting or streaming of TikTok content unnecessarily shocking or focuses on extreme violence or suffering. Also, these TikTok videos may include blood, such as posting graphic videos of injuries and accidents. You should clearly understand that several minors stay active on the TikTok platform. 

Removal of TikTok content that explains harm incidents among humans or animals and continually posting violent content leads to the TikTok profile ban. 

5. Don’t Post Something Illegal 

Always make sure not to post TikTok videos that promote illegal activities where you can get banned. It consists of posts that represent acts of physical penalty, human damage, the unlawful business of nature, or violating the law. Also, you can’t share TikTok content videos that instruct people on how to perform illegal actions. Repeatedly posting TikTok content that promotes the use of firearms, alcohol, tobacco, or drugs can make your TikTok profile banned.  

Finally, Understand TikTok Community Guidelines To Follow 

The article explains everything about TikTok community guidelines and how not to get a TikTok account ban. The simple concept is that don’t violate any TikTok community guidelines. But, of course, it is not always the same rules, particularly when you don’t know what they are. So we have summed up some critical points you must always keep in mind. 

  • Start to post TikTok content that is relevant for every age group.
  • Don’t post anything that encourages violence or illegal actions.

Following these simple guidelines can prevent your TikTok profile from getting banned. But, of course, there’s another human moderation error. Above all, if you want to expand your TikTok video reach without any profile ban, start to post engaging content by following the guidelines. Last, you can even use TikViral to enhance your TikTok profile visibility.


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