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5 Best Methods to Promote an Instagram Account 

If you’re just looking to start or have been on Instagram for a long, there’s always the platform to discover new techniques to promote your account.

On Instagram nowadays, there seems to be a lot of competition. Instagram already has over one billion users worldwide! Not just that, but you also have to stay up with the Instagram Algorithm. It ensures that your posts receive a high level of engagement each time you post one. However, It’s certainly a lot to consider, so go to get and take advantage!

If you would like to stand out or advertise your Instagram effectively, continue reading to know 12 distinct methods (with instances!!), enabling you to develop your followers and engagement.


The popular Instagram Nametag function is a terrific tool for both online and offline promotion of your Instagram account.

That new function has so many applications that it makes you squeal with delight!

Just go to your Instagram profile and tap the Nametag symbol to make an Instagram Nametag (next to your archive button).

You may change the background of your Instagram Nametag here. You can use an emoji, take a selfie (with a funny sticker), or use a colored background.

After creating your Instagram Nametag, save this to your phone’s camera roll and start utilizing it professionally online and offline.


A social media monitor is a fun way to successfully market your Instagram, whether you have a brick-and-mortar firm or simply an office with a small reception area.

Have you ever seen this in action? This is how it seems!

It can be hung on a wall, placed on a desk, or even placed on a shelf.

You could also strew some fairy lights about your counter to attract even *more* awareness to it. You’re now prepared to shine your path to a larger Instagram following. Awesome!


Maybe now is the time to try Instagram Marketing if you haven’t before.

Instagram advertising is just a great strategy to advertise your Instagram account and get assured outcomes.

You can use videos or images to promote on Instagram Stories and even in the Instagram Newsfeed. If you want to go out already, you can also do a combination of things!


Why shouldn’t you link up with someone who has a comparable target audience to you and offers a comparable product or service for cooperative competitors in the market?

You may even be able to work together with just one other company owner. Alternatively, you can team up with a few businesses to develop a truly mind-blowingly true gift.

(Or even a couple of rewards!)

During our research, we discovered that one of the most efficient Instagram competitions requires contestants to follow your profile and mention a few friends in the comments section in order to win.


At first, collaborating with Instagram influencers can look slightly overwhelming. You’ll get a lot of value for your money if you put together a good campaign plan and a great set of Influencer marketing.

To achieve the best results, companies may require a blend of local and global influencers. It’s also a good idea to sit down and figure out your monthly budget.

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