There live a small, aggressive marine Crustacean which is known as Mantis Shrimp. This creature is small just for the name however it is counted among one of the deadliest creature in the ocean. This aggressive marine crustacean live in tropical and subtropical waters of the Indian and Pacific Oceans between Eastern Africa and Hawaii.  Despite of this creature being a deadliest one they are beautiful with vibrant in colors. Apart from this, Mantic belongs to Stomatopoda and taxonomy group Crustacea consisting of hard-hell.

A Look on Mantis Shrimp Facts

4 Reasons Why Mantis Shrimp is the Deadliest Creature in the Ocean

  • Habitat: Indian & Pacific Oceans
  • Location: Between Eastern Africa & Hawaii
  • Lifespan: 3 – 6 years
  • Size: 10 – 20 Centimeters (4 – 8 Inches)
  • Weight: 12 – 90 grams
  • Color: Vibrant multi-colored – Green, blue, red, orange
  • Diet: Fish, crabs, worms & shrimp
  • Predators: Humans, yellowfin tuna, larger fish
  • Top Speed: 30 body lengths per second
  • No. of Species: Approx. 450

4 Reasons Of Mantis Shrimp being the Deadliest Creature in the Ocean

Here we have listed 4 major reason which will be enough to make you aware of why Mantic Shrimp being a small creature is counted in the deadliest creature in the ocean.

  1. Mantis Shrimp has the capability of punching with the same velocity as a gunshot from a .22 caliber rifle. Yes, you read it right. Smasher Mantic consists two raptorial appendages on the front part of it’s body which it use to punch it’s prey. These fists are spring loaded and are able to accelerate from their body at over 50 mph along with delivering a force of over 1,500 newtons which is quite enough to shatter through crabs and grapple.
  2. Matin’s punch is so quick that it results cavitation bubbles. However, these bubbles are super heated one along with small flash of light. This heated bubbles generates 4,400c temperatures which is as hot as the sun.
  3. Mantis is fully capable of punching holes aquarium glass. This creature even after being the dangerous one is one of the most desired ones among the people. Therefore, the ones who desires to have one needs to have a special stronger aquariums for them.
  4. Shrimp consists of a second pair of prey-catching arms that are greatly exaggerated similar to Mantises.

4 Reasons Why Mantis Shrimp is the Deadliest Creature in the Ocean

Mantis Shrimp Scientific Classification

  • Kingdom: Animalia
  • Phylum: Euarthropoda
  • Subphylum: Crustacea
  • Class: Malacostraca
  • Subclass: Hoplocercid
  • Order: Stomatopoda

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