Call Of The Night Vol.6 Release Date Cast Plot And Details

Call of the Night is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Kotoyama. You can read the series online on You can also watch a video on the series below.

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Call Of The Night Cast Is Below

The Cast of the manga is down below.

Call Of The Night Vol.6 Release Date Cast Plot And Details

  • Ko Yamori- a 14-year-old boy who finds himself restless due to his boring life.
  • Akira Asai-Ko’s Childhood friend.
  • Nazuna Nanakusa-A night walker.
  • Seri Kikyo.
  • Nico Hirata.
  • Kabura Honda.
  • Midori Karakobe.
  • Hatsuka Suzushiro.

You can read about these characters in the manga and they seem interesting if you ask me personally.

Call Of The Night Vol.6 Plot And the Release date

The story starts with Ko trying to warn his childhood friend Mihiru About dangers of dating vampire Kiku while they were doing sightseeing trip to Tokyo. While they were out Ko learns a disturbing secret about Mahiru. What was the secret?. Detective Anko on the other hand Pursues one of nazuna’s vampire friends with some stabby extrageal Justice in mind. Now the Gaggle of vampire women must glance deep into their past to prevent Anko from explioting their weakness.

Call Of The Night Vol.6 Release Date Cast Plot And Details

Unfortunately nazuna cannot remmeber anything from her past or human life. Will the decades old appoint ment card be the clue wh o turned nazuna from become wha tshe was. The episode releases Febreuary 8 2022. You can wathc online the series on and if you want to watch its anime series you can also watch that on any anime website. Once again for more updates on animes and news and games info and about cryptocurrencies you can view our website and before taking financial risk about crypto we dont provide any financial advice so kindly just take it as information purposes and till than see ya with another ariticle.

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