Mao, Vol.3 Release Date Cast Plot And Everything You Want To Know

Mao is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Rumiko Takahashi. You can read the manga online on If you want to watch a short video o the series then it’s below.

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Mao Vol.3 Cast Plot And Release Date

Mao Cast is down below.

  • Mao-wielder of deadly longsword, Hagunsei, Mao is a man cursed in many ways.
  • Nanoka Kiba- Third-year middle school student.
  • Otoya-A shinigami and Mao’s assistant.
  • Uozumi-A shinigami was sent by mao to look after Nanoka.
  • Byoki- demon similar appearance as a cat.
  • Tenko-friend of Mao.
  • Hyakka-Fire element user who was on friendly terms.

Mao, Vol.3 Release Date Cast Plot And Everything You Want To Know

These are a few of the cast there are a lot more which you should be able to find out once you read the series. With this, the plot says, Byoki tries to take over Mao’s body and the battle starts. Suspicion falls on the parents of Nanoka as she witnesses an accident. So will she trust her beloved grandfather and Uozumi?. You will also get to know what will happen to Mao who doesn’t remember what he does in his hybrid form. Then a fellow apprentice to the master of his attacks Mao with flaming heads was Mao his master’s golden child. meanwhile, there are you’d women been abducted who is the suspect I guess we are yet to find out. Volume 3 releases on 11th January 2022.

Mao Vol 4 Spoilers

In this volume, Mao is been in a hostile way been confronted by fellow apprentices who should have been dead long ago due to old age. Will he be able to find a connection between them and cat demon Byoki?. There is a major battle and Nanoka returns to the present but she is Upset to know Mao doesn’t care about her. But despite heartly or emotional issues, there is a lot to care about as dangerous Nemesis has entered reality with her. In this volume you will also get to know that someone stole the source of Mao’s life so can Nanoka save him from natural death?

Mao, Vol.3 Release Date Cast Plot And Everything You Want To Know

You will get to know about this volume on date been from 8th March 2022. Till then happy reading and stay tuned to us for more updates like these. see ya!

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