Read Manga Kingdom Chapter 700 Online: Release Date And Everything You Need To Know

Kingdom The generals convene at the meeting in Chapter 700 to discuss the aftermath of Zhao and Kanki’s combat. This is the story of Kanki, who was on the verge of being executed because he couldn’t disclose the truth about why he assassinated the surrendering soldiers. Sei also mentioned Zhao’s suffering, saying that he had experienced similar suffering when he was younger. However, he believes that governing another state with the law would have been futile in the past. Kanki’s victory and the conference with the other generals are the focus of the kingdom. Sei tells the generals about Kanki’s actions and reminds them of the past in the most recent chapter of Kingdom.Read Manga Kingdom Chapter 700 Online: Release Date And Everything You Need To Know

Sei also discussed how several kingdoms came together to form one nation and the events that led to this. Kanki advised him to relax, but she wasn’t sure if he was serious. He inquires as to whether people would have united as a country after killing and occupying territory. Kanki laughs at Sei when he says that he believes it. Kanki wants Kokuou’s opinion on the matter and wonders if Kokuou would be able to live peacefully with Zhao. Zhao tortured Raido after capturing him, so Kokuou says it won’t happen, and she’ll murder them rather than live with them.

Sei acknowledges that they are on a difficult path, and Kanki also spoke up, saying that the Qin King expected too much from the people. Sei adds that the King is correct and that there is nothing wrong with that because the King trusts people and is taking a more direct path to become the country’s King. He also stated that the King is not the same as Kanki and that they have opposing viewpoints on the world. Kanki inquires about the next course of action.

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Read Manga Kingdom Chapter 700 Online: Release Date And Everything You Need To Know

Kanki asks Sei if they intend to kill him, and Sei replies that they are free to do so, but that Sei will die beside him here. He feels it will be the end of the blood’s journey. Kanki adds that keeping people alive will be preferable, to which Sei responds that if they don’t present a good explanation, he won’t hesitate to kill Kanki. But it’s all because to Marron, who discloses the truth, but he’ll stick to his guns and ignore the evidence. His men stowed their swords, demonstrating that they will not incite disorder. Kanki would discuss his explanations with Marron and question if they were adequate.

Sei confesses that there are other reasons why he isn’t going to kill Kanki. Sei reveals that Kanki killed Kochou, which impresses him because he never expected Kanki’s soldiers to be capable of doing so in battle. Shouheikun discovered an excellent achievement that had to be taken into account. After putting everything together, they decide to let Kanki go for the time being. Kanki claims that if he does not give up his Six Great seats, he is available to assist at any moment.

Sei confesses that they require the strength of the Six Great to unite the nations, but his feelings toward Kanki remain unchanged, and he is content with him for the time being. He swears that if something similar happens again, he will not hesitate to seek Kanki’s head. Kanki will chop his legs if he dares to appear in front of the King with such vile actions. After stating so, Sei walked away, and the narrative reveals that in Qin’s tradition, they redress wrongdoings by exchanging heads on the battlefield.

Kingdom Chapter 700 Release Date

Read Manga Kingdom Chapter 700 Online: Release Date And Everything You Need To Know

On November 21, 2021, Kingdom Chapter 700 will be released. According to the chronicles, the Qin had many adversaries killed in combat, which explains the Qin’s custom. After Kanki cut 100,000 soldiers, however, nothing was documented. Later, the Qin King met with Shin, who inquired about your whereabouts as they exchanged greetings. Let’s take a look at the official details of Kingdom Chapter 700.

Kingdom Chapter 700 Online – Raw Details

Read Manga Kingdom Chapter 700 Online: Release Date And Everything You Need To Know
On several websites, you will be able to read Kingdom-Chapter  700 online. This weekend will see the release of Kingdom Chapter 700 spoilers, but the manga will not be put on hold. For the time being, fans must rely on spoilers and other websites in lieu of access to the manga’s official website. Let’s get together when Kingdom Chapter 700 comes out.

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