Read Manga Black Clover Chapter 314 Online: Release Date And Everything You Need To Know

Captain Yami and William are rescued by the Black Bulls after they arrive in the Spade Kingdom in Black Clover Chapter 314. Captain Yami is holding his grimoire at the start of the chapter, and the narrative reveals his Dark Magic. Since Morris is going to open another gate and release terrible Devils, Black Clover describes the conflict that has lately erupted in the Underworld. Captain Yami used to avoid interacting with others since his abilities were thought to be hazardous. In the most recent chapter of Black Clover, Yami reappeared in the past with another fighter who informed him that he was a member of the Brigade.Read Manga Black Clover Chapter314 Online: Release Date And Everything You Need To Know

That fighter is revealed to be Nacht, who taught Yami about his Dark Magic and how a man with frightening magic attempts to deny it as well. Nacht congratulated Yami on his ability to bring people together and advised him to become a good Brigade Captain. They also pay their respects to Nacht’s brother’s grave in the cemetery. Nacht also discussed how he came to understand his brother’s feelings. But Yami swears that one day he would form his Brigade, but he knows that other Brigades will not select the men he selects because they will be looking for the most deserving.

Yami’s purpose was to form a Brigade that would accept those with criminal records, those who were lost, and those who had been chained up, as well as a Brigade that would assist those who could use their abilities. But since he became the commander of the Black Bulls and gathered what he refers to as idiots, that strategy has worked. Nacht also stated that he would grow in strength and assist in keeping those idiots together. When he met with the Wizard King, he didn’t seem to mind Yami’s ability to use Dark Magic. “The Captain of the Black Bulls” is the title of the chapter.Read Manga Black Clover Chapter314 Online: Release Date And Everything You Need To Know

Previously on Black Clover Chapter 313

Yami wonders what type of guy Wizard King Julius is, who considers all magic to be amazing. Morgen assured Nacht that he would never be scared if he met with him. Nacht advised Morgen to give it her all. Jack also meets with Yami and understands that Yami is the one who possesses Dark Magic, but he vows to never lose to Yami. Some Captains didn’t seem to mind and informed Yami that using his Dark Magic would be beneficial to both sides. Nozel also complemented Yami, and Fuegeleon believes Yami isn’t your average guy.

On that day, all of the captains assembled and pledged to work together to safeguard the country. Captain Yami begins to recruit his men, and they are perplexed as to why he is enlisting such oddballs. Noelle, Asta, Charmy, Henry, Gauche, Gordon, Magna, and Vanessa were among the people he took in. That’s when everyone, including Captain Yami, finds their position in the Black Bulls squad. Some flashbacks were presented, including when Yami was pierced by Zenon’s bones and carried away. The Black Bulls had a gloomy day that day because they were unable to achieve anything.Read Manga Black Clover Chapter314 Online: Release Date And Everything You Need To Know

Morris is ecstatic the day Yami and Zenon arrive in the Underworld because the two are prepared with their plans. Morris discussed the Underworld’s powers as well as Dark Magic. The two intended to build a bridge between the human world and the Underworld. Morris begins to lose his powers in the present after being chastised by the Black Bulls. Captain Yami wakes up and discovers that his children have arrived. Yami inquires as to why the Black Bulls are so fond of him. The Black Bulls charge towards Yami, who has been enslaved by the Binding Spell.Read Manga Black Clover Chapter314 Online: Release Date And Everything You Need To Know

Black Clover Chapter 314 Release Date

On November 21, 2021, Black Clover Chapter 314 will be released. Asta and the others exclaim their admiration for the Captain of the Black Bulls. Yami calls them stupid, as she always does, and adds that it is mutual. As Nacht sees the reunion, he recognizes that those guys are rash, but they have won his admiration. Willam is also close to Yami, but he hasn’t regained consciousness yet, so the reunion will have to wait until the next chapter.

 Black Clover Chapter 314 Online – Raw Details

On Shonen Jump’s official website, you can read Black Clover Chapter 314 online. Every Sunday, Shueisha’s online magazine and VIZ Media post the most recent spoilers and chapters for Black Clover Manga. Black Clover Chapter 314 spoilers will be released during the week, while the manga releases chapters on weekends. Let’s meet up when Chapter 315 of Black Clover is released.

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