How To Get Hovercraft In Battlefield 2042: Tips And Tricks

Battlefield 2042 is a first-person shooter game by DICE published by EA. it’s the 17th instalment in the battlefield series followed up after 2018’s battlefield V. This game will be released on 19th November 2021. This game a hovercraft been so famous nowadays showcases a lot of climbing walls and buildings in a sort of futuristic fashion like what the game set in 2042. see the following video,

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Battlefield 2042 The Future Of Gaming

As we all know that Battlefield 2042 is a game set in future that has plenty of vehicles animated for the players to enjoy, for example, Hovercraft, M1A5 tank, T28 tank, Quad bike, Futuristic 3 wheeled rickshaw, SU-57 Elon Jet F-3E Panther Jet and apart from that there will be plenty of guns to deal with, futuristic guns shall I say and a huge 128 player multiplayer with tons of maps to play with this game is a heck of a deal for you and might keep you engaged for many months straight.

How To Get Hovercraft In Battlefield 2042: Tips And Tricks

This game surely is a beauty and will definitely break the sales record on November 19th 2021 so STAY TUNED!, You just might be the multiplier freak than I might have hyped you up by now but oh wait there is more HOVERCRAFT, yes wanna know?

Hovercraft And Its Tips and Tricks

In Battlefield 2042, Hovercrafts are used to climb buildings or fly in the air at speed for some time. Normal hovercrafts can smoothly navigate over land and sea but battlefield’s hovercraft can go a step further, well they can climb buildings.We are hopping that Hoverboards when out will have a lot of tips and tricks but for now as of this article is posted 13th November 2021 not much has been known about these vehicles.

the one top trick that has come on Beta is that if you are on one of the maps with hovercraft press B and airdrop one hovercraft from a height beside 2 buildings above one building flat part, It will come crashing down and fly towards another building if you can handle it, will be fun if you try.

How To Get Hovercraft In Battlefield 2042: Tips And Tricks

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