Read Manga Dragon Ball Super Chapter 78 Online: Release Date & Plot Details

With Goku, Prince of Saiyan, and Granolah listening to the narrative of a Legendary Saiyan in Dragon Ball Super Chapter 78, the truth about Goku’s father, Bardock, emerges.Read Manga Dragon Ball Super Chapter 78 Online: Release Date & Plot Details

This started when the battle ended and the Namekian arrived, revealing that Bardock had previously saved the world. Dragon Ball Super delves into the forty-year-old history of Planet Cereal. The Namekians and other monsters in the latest Dragon Ball Super Chapter love sowing crops on Planet Cereal.

This was a tranquil epoch when people from all walks of life worked together on the same piece of land. “Bardock, Goku’s Father” is the title of the chapter. The Namekinas and Cerealians used to have a strong working relationship. However, hostile ships arrived one day, and the Planet Cereal was attacked.

The attackers destroyed everything, including crops, and a large number of Namekians and Cerealians died. An army of gorillas arrived out of nowhere, rampaging across the city and destroying everything in its path. Other villains emerged as well and began torturing the Namekians and Cerealeans. They were both helpless because no one could save them. They were defeated and gathered in one spot by the invaders. Those who refuse to surrender will pay the price with their lives.

Namakian Elder approached Monato and inquired about the Dragon Balls. Monato is reminded by the Elder of what he needs to do with the Dragon Balls’ abilities. One of the colossal Gorillas pulls up the structures and throws them away. The enemies were destroying everything in their path.Read Manga Dragon Ball Super Chapter 78 Online: Release Date & Plot Details

When the Cereleanlians sought to fight back against the gorillas, they were pelted with building after building. Monato was the planet’s last Namekian survivor. There was nothing he could do as he saw the Elder Namekian die.

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Read Manga Dragon Ball Super Chapter 78 Online: Release Date & Plot Details

The attackers proved to be more formidable than Monato and the others had anticipated during that period. Granolah was a child when those gorillas appeared, and they were in Saiyan form. He saw his world being destroyed and killed, and he determined that the Saiyans were terrible.

His mother, however, arrived and protected him since one of the Saiyan gorillas was pursuing him. Granolah falls asleep as a result of the gorilla roar. Granoilah’s mother stayed with him to see if he could survive the enemy’s attacks. Flayk, one of the Cerealian, attacks the moon. The moon returned to its previous state, and the gorillas began to transform into humans.

Flayk recognizes their vulnerability and believes he has them, but those Saiyans still have tails. The Saiyans, on the other hand, told him that even though they are not in their ape form, they are more powerful. The ones who are capable of annihilating everything. With a single attack, one of those Saiyans put Flayk to sleep with a move that looked like a spirit bomb. He assured Leek that they would leave when they finished Planet Cereal. Leek acknowledges Saiyan and agrees.

Granolah’s mother comes upon a Saiyan with spike hairs and worries if he intends to kill her and her kid. He remembers missing his son’s birth because she assaulted that spiky Saiyan. Vegeta was present in those flashbacks, and he overheard Goku’s father announcing that they would call him “Kakarrot.” Goku’s mother concurs that she adores Kakarrot. Leek met Bardock in the present day and informed him that they had been looking for him. Leek also mentions that they have fulfilled the mission and must depart. Leek was told by Bardock to return home without him. Granolah and his mother are the last Cerealians, he realises.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 78 Release Date

Read Manga Dragon Ball Super Chapter 78 Online: Release Date & Plot Details

On November 19, 2021, Dragon Ball Super Chapter 78 will be released. Bardock senses some strength in the mountains and teleports there, only to discover Monato is a Namekian. Monato wanted to use the Namekian stick to kill Bardock, but Bardock seized it. They discover that Granolah is protected by Bardoick, and that his mother, Muezl, and Bardock had warned them about Freeza’s impending arrival. Granolah realized the truth in the current day, and Goku heard it as well. Monato also discloses the background of the Heeters, the aliens who assaulted the planet and killed Muezl.

Read Dragon Ball Super Chapter 78 Online – Raw Details

On VIZ Media’s official website, you can read Dragon Ball Super Chapter 78 online. Dragon Ball Super is serialised on Shonen Jump+ with new chapters released every month except for one. Dragon Ball Super spoilers are revealed a day before the latest chapter is released.

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