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Trump Home Pics

The great 45th President of America Donald Trump has been seen sharing a huge piece of land and property since childhood. Some of the most famous are the pictures of his house with amazing designing and art. While huge money and power comes the benefits of luxury and houses that that is what is adored most with Donald Trump. Also Read.

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American President Donald Trump

Donald John Trump, born in 1946, was the 45th President of America and is a media personality and one of the leading businessman. He served as the honorable president for a term for four years from 2017 to 2021. Born and raised in the New York City he graduated from one of the leading universities of the country.

Trump Home Pics

His ideology of protectionist, isolationist and nationalist can be seen when he changed the name of his father’s organization from Fred Trump to The Trump Organization. As a businessman, he then started expanding his business with building skyscrapers, hotels, casinos, golf courses and buildings. He was also the owner of Miss Universe brand of beauty. Also Read.

He got into the  Republican  in 2016 winning the popular vote over Hillary Clinton. He was also the first president without prior military or government services background. His precedency was not really liked and appreciated by the people of America or the world as he involved unfair means during his campaigning by making false and misleading statements.

Trump Home Pics

He has been regarded as a fair racist because of his statements and actions. His mere preference towards a particular section of the society and ignore for the others lead him in losing the 2021 elections. Besides that he has a debt of $1  billion dollar to various banks, lenders and creditors. The current value of his assets and properties have exceeded his indebtedness.

 Trump Home Pics

Donald Trump old New York city house, where he spent his childhood was sold for $2.14 million, exactly doubled the price of other houses in the neighborhood. Now, we can understand why the house retailed too much money! His New York city present residence is a three leveled penthouse with 58 stories and his skyscraper at the 725th Avenue. He also owns a golf club in New Jersey by his name that was also used for organizing his business meetings.

Trump Home Pics

He owns a lavish home in Palm Beach called the Mar-a-Lago with amazing interiors and surroundings. The house is placed in the beautiful city and has a huge lawn. The huge piece of land has some of the best interiors of the country with royal dining tables, 128 rooms and entrances.

Trump Home Pics

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