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The pupil council meeting starts with Kaguya Sama Chapter 242, with Miyuki and other members gathered inside the Student Council Room. Although the release of Kaguya Sama Love Is War has been heldup for several weeks, the love story continues.

Miyuki broke the news that a member of Shinomiya’s family had been arrested. Miyuki believes that the Shinomiya family’s situation is being misinterpreted as terrible news from the current Kaguya Sama-Love-Is-War Chapter. Miko and Fujiwara had made the decision not to bat the Sinomiyas’ relatives. The pupils are interested in this content, and Ishigami also mentioned Shijo’s appropriation shot.Kaguya Sama Chapter 242 Release Date and Latest Update

This demonstrates that the Shijos and Shinomiyas did not have a good connection. The four, on the other hand, are concerned about Kaguya and how she would handle the situation. That day when the Shinoya family was arrested and the people in the suit were scarier, they recollect. Miko recognizes that the problem began after the party. Ishigami mentioned Osaka, who flew in on a private spurt. Ishigami is teased by Fujiwara, who reminds him that it’s a business spurt, not a fighter spurt. They also mooted the rich girls, and Fujiwara realizes she has gone on a private spurt ahead.

Previously on Kaguya Sama Chapter 241

They learn not to intrude in the affairs of grown-ups. Ishigami stated why they weren’t allowed to intermediate. Still, after Kaguya’s departure, goods at the academe have altered. The pupils were jaded and doubtful of what they should do. Miyuki encounters Shinjo subsequently in the passage and notices that he has commodity heavy on his casket. Shinjo assured Miyuki and concluded that they demanded to relax and let goods be naturally. Miyuki stumbled into another man family at the hall who inquired about Hayasaka. Miyuki corrected him and told him that he would noway tell Hayasaka if he saw him. Miyuki was told to accompany him.

When Miyuki pauses, the man asks if he is interested in the Shinomiya family. They both get into the bus, and the joe inquires as to whether they may snare anything to eat. Miyuki isn’t empty at all. The man drives his bus to the burger joint and places his order. Miyuki placed an order as well, and she wonders if fat people constantly order from drive-throughs. Subsequently, the two arrive at a hip spot and chow down on burgers and other particulars they’ve ordered. The man wonders if Miyuki had considered his studies.Kaguya Sama Chapter 242 Release Date and Latest Update

He admits that he has no idea how to deal with the children. Since he hauled him also, Miyuki reminds him to speak out. The man is revealed to be Kaguya’s family, and he discovers Miyuki’s relationship with Kaguya. He, on the other hand, acts as if he is ignorant and asks Miyuki if Kaguya is dating anyone. Miyuki believes she has nothing to hide. They did, still, bat her academic performance. Miyuki shows him some of her prints, and he notices a resemblance between Kaguya and her ma. Miyuki’s family, Kaguya, expressed his desire for Miyuki to meet someone.

Kaguya Sama Chapter 242 Release Date

On October 28, 2021, Kaguya Sama Chapter 242 Love-Is-War will be released. Miyuki and Kaguya’s family came to the sanitorium and spoke with the Shinomiya Zaibatsu’s leader. Kaguya’s father, Gan’an Shinomya, is Kaguya’s stock. Gan’an is battling for his life on his deathbed. As the manga is released, the mystery behind the Shinomiy family will be exposed.Kaguya Sama Chapter 242 Release Date and Latest Update

Read Kaguya Sama Chapter 242 Online

On VIZ Media‘s sanctioned website, you can read Kaguya Sama-Love-Is-War Chapter 242 online. The manga is also available on other websites, but for the time being, VIZ is the only functionary outlet we are alive of.

Two former chapters of the Kaguya Sama-Love-Is-War Manga were heldup, but it has ultimately returned and will be issued every week; the most recent chapter will be posted early every Thursday.

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