Let’s Make a Mug Too Season 2 Episode 5 Watch Online, Spoiler, Release Date and Latest Update

Let’s Make Mug Too is a Japanese manga series that was first serialized in 2012. It is now known all over the world. This will return with season 2, episode 4 of the show.

Let’s Make a Mug Too Season 2 Episode 5 : Release Date

Let’s Make a Mug Too Season 2 Episode 5  will be released On on 30 October 2021  . On Crunchyroll, you can watch Let’s Make a Mug Too online.

Let’s Make a Mug Too Season 2 Episode 5 : Spoiler

As part of their everyday ritual, the girls continue to make mugs. Himeno is relieved that she has completed several items. She got carried away, and there was a minor incident that stunned everyone. They just heard something cracking and understand it’s Himeno’s fault. They both turn around, and she sees she’s broken it yet again. Tokishiro falls on his knees and makes a remark about my bowl, for which Himeno apologises. He was concerned, however, if she sliced her leg or suffered an injury. Himeno discovers that they are not angry with her since she broke a dish.Let's Make a Mug Too Season 2 Episode 5

Himeno has slick hands, Tokishiro notices, and she continually damaging things. He promised to bring a vacuum cleaner so that she would not be damaged. Himeno goes to the pottery clubhouse the next day. She told everyone about what happened the day before. She informed them that she had broken a bowl for her father and that she intended to build him a replacement. Himeno reveals that the bowl was a birthday present for him. This is a pottery club, Toko says, and they’re here to help.

Previously on Let’s Make a Mug Too Season 2 Episode 4:

Nao, who appears to be lethargic, advised Himeno to get a new bowl since it would be faster. It was his father’s favourite bowl, Himeno says. She fantasises about her father washing his hands in that bowl every morning. Himeno informed everyone that she needs to acquire him a new bowl and that she is not interested in purchasing one. Toko inquires about the bowl, to which she responds that it is a bowl for Ochazuke. Mika suggests that they study the broken pieces before constructing a new one.

Let's Make a Mug Too Season 2 Episode 5

Himeno calls home to inquire about the missing parts. Sachie informed Himeno that she had thrown away the broken parts because they were harmful. She also mentions that today was the day for broken glass and pottery to be collected. The girls were completely shut down after receiving a call since they realised they would not be receiving the broken parts. Himeno is astounded that this is happening today of all days. Himeno attempts to design the bowl on paper, but instead draws an iron.

She notices that the bowl does not appear to be made of iron. She realises that she should have examined it every day to remember how it seems. Himeno agrees when Toko asks whether she wants to acquire a comparable one. They’re both looking for a dish that like the one she smashed the night before. Himeno finds another one after a long search, but only the colour is identical.

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