Wedding Cancelled After Bachelorette Party Everything You Need To Know

Bachelorette party is a US concept, where the party was organised for a man or woman before their marriage. This was, supposed, to be for woman only, but later on men also adopted this culture. This party is organised separately for bride and groom.

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Before its usage as hen party, this bachelor’s party was organised by the bride-to-be for an all female gathering and enjoy the night before the wedding day, without her groom. Later, it was adopted by males too. In COVID-19 period, the virtual bachelorette is in demand.

Wedding Cancelled After Bachelorette Party

Wedding Cancelled After Bachelorette Party

There are some cases where the wedding got cancelled after the bachelorette party due to some problems or misunderstandings. The time between bachelorette and wedding is just a day, and yet some people cancelled their wedding. Here’s some cases about the same:

Wedding Cancelled After Bachelorette Party

• There’s a case from Vegas, where the groom-to-be hooked up with a girl in his party and gave her his number. And his bride was just getting information about all this while sitting in her home. She cancelled her wedding with him the next day.

• In another case, bride’s sister and groom’s sister were casually chatting while they both were enjoying their separate parties. In between the chatting, groom’s sister got to know that all the bride had told them about herself was all a lie. Groom’s side called this wedding off from their side.

• A wedding was called off by bride because of her fiancé was slept with a stripper at the night of his bachelor’s party. After long argument, they both finally parted their ways.

• A woman found out that the guy whom she was about to married, and have known him for almost four months, was slept with someone else. And that someone else was his best man. The fact that she got cheated wasn’t enough that she also had to swallow the thing that his fiancé was gay and she was about to get married with him.

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