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Tower of God is a South Korean manga series that focuses on action and dark fantasy. Lee Jong Hui (S.I.U) wrote and illustrated the manga, which is mostly released as a webtoon. It’s a serialized version of Never Corporation’s webtoon platform Never webtoon, which has been entertaining readers since 2010.

Last year, the franchise began airing a 13-episode anime television series. From April 1st until June 24th, 2020, the series will be broadcast. Tower of God, sinui tap (in hanja), literally meaning “Tower of God,” is a Manhwa series.

The plot revolves around a little boy named Twenty-Fifth Baam who is on the lookout for Rachel, a childhood friend who wants to scale the enigmatic Tower.Tower Of God Chapter 514

Tower Of God Chapter 514 Plot

The action and dark fantasy genres are used to set up the plot. The manga series began in 2010 and has so far produced 513 chapters and eight volumes. So, without a doubt, the popularity of this manga series can be deduced from this. The series is now equally popular all across the world, not just in South Korea and Japan.

Twenty-Fifth Bam is the protagonist of the story. He is, nonetheless, a unique individual who has spent much of his life beneath a mystery tower. Bam was accompanied by only one pal, Rachel. Rachel had gone to the tower once a day and discovered Bam in critical condition. But, by coincidence, he was able to open the tower’s door after a short time. The journey continues from here.

Tower Of God Chapter 513 Spoiler

White’s power loss begins in Tower Of God Chapter 513, with White attempting to retrieve his Blade while Rak and therefore the other characters approach. Since this match is far from over, White appears to be a strong opponent for Bam. For a long time, Tower of God has been revealing White vs. Bam, and they had a back-and-forth that nearly killed one of them. We saw White reminiscing over his life and the mistakes he had made in the most recent Tower Of God Chapter. However, one day it was revealed how White came home with a blade in his hand.

White also showed the Shinsoo, who had the ability to collide with the sword and split apart, causing the sword to whirl. After hearing a poor kid call him the Blade’s poor son, the Blade had some words of his own. It was also revealed how White attempted to obtain that Blade but failed due to his impatience, which pushed him away. Since he had sinned against the universe, this caused White to suffer. White’s penalty was also revealed: he would have to live the rest of his life with unquenchable thirst and unfulfillment.

Tower Of God Chapter 514 Release Date

The release date for Tower of God Chapter 514 is still unknown. However, it will most likely be released within a few days.Tower Of God Chapter 514

We witnessed White explain why he has never wanted to be a sinner since thirst has been a plague on him since birth. What concerns him is what the Blade has not revealed to him, despite the fact that they spoke sparingly. Meanwhile, Rak is concerned that, despite having a carrier, he will be unable to utilize the weapon he brought with him. But this was a fantastic time for him to deploy that weapon, and he was planning on piercing through everything. Rak made some movements, but the spear was too large for him, and he couldn’t keep his balance.

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