Fire Emblem Three Houses Byleth Class Latest Update

Fire Emblem: Three Houses is a role playing game. It was developed by intelligence system and koei tecmo for Nintendo switch. This game releases in sixteen installments. It’s first installment was released in 2007.


It is a tactical role playing game, originally released in 2007. In this game, the player controls a player whose name, gender and character was pre decided before the start of the game. At the beginning, the player was asked to teach at the Garegg monestry. Garegg monestry acts as a hub for game activities. In this process, the player expected to socially interact and learn various activities.

Fire Emblem Three Houses Byleth Class

Fire Emblem is the game focused on knowledge primarily. The player needs to choose their Byleth at the beginning. The gender of Byleth isn’t that important, but the male Byleth, sometimes, considered as more useful.

Fire Emblem Three Houses Byleth Class

Best Classes For Male Byleth

1. Mercenary

In mercenary, there aren’t any master abilities and also this isn’t the strongest of classes. But the synergy of class focus and Byleth’s ability makes it even stronger.

2. Enlightened One

This class is exclusively reserved for Byleth. It is the most powerful and best choice of the player. Byleth gains access to this class easily with less loss. And also it haves access to some good abilities.

Fire Emblem Three Houses Byleth Class

Worst Classes

1. Warlock

Warlock is one of the darker path. The hero of the story is not suited for this path. Warlock is nice though, but the player won’t receive any benefit. All their powers will go waste here.

Fire Emblem Three Houses Byleth Class

2. Wyvern Riders

Wyvern Riders are relied upon their axe. They are airborne units. They doesn’t have master abilities which makes them a bad choice for any player.

Fire Emblem Three Houses Byleth Class

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