Everything You Need To Know To Your Eternity Chapter 151: Release Date And Plot

To Your Eternity Chapter 151

To Your Eternity Chapter 151 is a Japanese manga that has been licensed by Kodansha USA for printing and releasing digitally. The NHK Educational TV has adapted this manga series for releasing it as anime television series on 8th January as announced by the Kodansha. This is well developed in Japan and has been awarded many awards.

To Your Eternity Chapter 151

The writer and illustrator of this manga series are Yoshitoki Oima and for the first time, it got serialized in Weekly Shonen Magazine and later got collected into fifteen volumes by Kodansha USA. It was scheduled to release on 8th October 2020 but due to the covid-19 pandemic got delayed and this year got premiered on April 2021.

To Your Eternity Chapter 151

Release Date of To Your Eternity Chapter 151

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This is one of the famous manga ever in Japan that has been serializing for so long and to date, they have many fans following. This chapter 151 is the chapter of volume number 26 as this manga is having 26 volumes but this volume has not been added to the tankobon volume yet.

To Your Eternity Chapter 151

There is sad news for the fans and audiences because to date there has been no confirmed date of release of To Your Eternity Chapter 151 as makers have not announced anything to date. So, most probably the audience has to wait for more days for reading this awesome manga online.

The plot of To Your Eternity Chapter 151

To Your Eternity Chapter 151

The story is too amazing as in this story of To Your Eternity Chapter 151 there is a boy named, Fushi who is an immortal boy who gets converted into many forms. Once a day he was so lonely and when he was roaming the Arctic regions of North America meets a wolf, and they two become best friends so easily that started helping each other in that harsh environment and climate of cold.

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