Konojo Mo Konojo Episode 12 Release Date, Episode 13 Updates And Everything You Need To Know !!

Konojo Mo Konojo Episode 12

Konojo Mo Konojo Episode 12 is the upcoming episode of the famous anime. The article will have the latest information about the release date, and watch online details in depth. In addition to the Konojo Mo Konojo Episode 12, we will also tell you in detail about its episode 13.

So, stay tuned, and let us start with the introduction part about the series and what is basically about. The further sections also tell you what happened previously in the show, let us begin.

Trailer Konojo Mo Konojo Episode 12

About: Konojo Mo Konojo

“Kanojo mo Kanojo” is a romantic genre series by Hiroyuki which is a Japanese same-gendered manga as well as comedy. The story is about girls and many girls keep adding to the show throughout. The title seems to be Girlfriend Girlfriend, which matches with the show. A boy comes in dilemma about dating the girls and also sacrifices his desire for one and all of them. The girls too get jealous and the story continues further.

Konojo Mo Konojo Episode 12

Naoya always waits for Nagisa and told her about the feeling she had for the boy. The girl pleases the boy and tells about their physical relationship with him and her. Naoya is irritated and declines the topic by saying that nothing literally happened between the girl and him so far. Nagisa came out and decides to talk but he ignores and by this drama she thoughts of not meeting him again. But after some time the acceptance is done and the further story moves forward.

Previously On Konojo Mo Konojo

The story can be summarized as a triangle because the word fits appropriately the story. The story revolves around a boy named Naoya who gets surrounded by three girls at once in his life. Naoya, who used to play with Saki as his childhood friend, now is in love with him. They from school are sent to a high school by their parents and Naoya gets in touch with her more closely and starts liking her.

Konojo Mo Konojo Episode 12

Naoya starts expressing their love for the girl and the school’s girls help and cherish them to become a big couple. They didn’t, the couple didn’t want themselves to be cherished that much, and be private. They find a bench and feel separated from the other school members where no one can appear to acknowledge them. Later, another girl enters Naoyo’s life and the 3 of them decide to have a single relationship at once, so at this point, Naoya had two girlfriends at the sam time.

Rika is a tried girl that interrupts in between the current partners with her feelings for Naoya. Rika works at MeTube and has the channel watched by Naoya. Later episodes deal with the Rika and the trio dealing with each other. Wait for the upcoming episode r the season to get more information on the same. Further, proceed onto the next section of the article.

Release Date: Konojo Mo Konojo Episode 13

The series season has ended so there will be no season 13. The official channels have reported that the series will have 12 episodes in the season, so you can expect a season 2 despite episode 13. For further details about season 2 stay tuned with us and check regularly.

Also, the release date for episode 12 is mentioned in the below section of the article, and don’t forget to take the necessary subscription of the mentioned site to uninterruptedly enjoy the show, Konojo Mo Konojo Episode 12.

Release Date: Konojo Mo Konojo Episode 12

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Where to Watch Online?

You can watch Konojo Mo Konojo Episode 12 on the following channel,

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